28 October 2018

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The Midnight Crime How and Why CBI Director Alok Verma was removed

The Midnight Crime How and Why CBI Director Alok Verma was removed

In an unprecedented Historical move, BJP Modi government sent the CBI director Alok Verma on leave.

The fight between CBI director Alok Verma and Asthana started in 2017, when the director Alok Verma objected to Asthana’s appointment to the agency as he was under investigation in the Sterling Biotech case.

Alok Verma was appointed as CBI director in January 2017
Alok Verma joined the AGMUT cadre in 1979 Verma never worked in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) before becoming the director in 2017

Who is Rakesh Asthana?

a- Asthana is a 1984-batch Gujarat cadre IPS officer, who is the No. 2 official in the CBI, after Alok Verma.  As per media reports Asthana is in a very good relations with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah.

b-Asthana was appointed to the CBI by the BJP Modi government

C – He investigated the burning of the Sabarmati Express at Godhra in 2002.

d-Asthana was heading the SIT that was looking into charges that the CBI's own officers were involved with Moin Qureshi.

e-As per media reports Asthana was one of the officers handpicked by the Modi government so it could wield control over the investigative agency.

f-One of the case pertained to Sathish Sana, a businessman facing probe in a corruption case involving meat exporter Moin Qureshi in which Asthana had alleged on 24 August that Sana paid Rs2 crore to Verma to get relief in the case.
The complaint was referred to Central Vigilance Commission by the Government which is looking into it.

g-In a letter sent to the Central Vigilance Commission on October 15 – the day the agency filed the FIR – Asthana accused Verma and Sharma of instructing an officer of “doubtful integrity” to visit places in Gujarat to dig out anything against him in connection with the Sterling Biotech loan fraud case.

h-in August 2017, an FIR was filed in a Rs 3.8 crore bribery case relating to Sterling Biotech. The firm is under the CBI scanner for alleged money laundering. Rakesh Asthana’s name cropped up during the investigation of the Sterling Biotech case.

i-Recently, Rakesh Asthana was heading probe in cases of AgustaWestland, coal scam and also that of businessman Vijay Mallya.

j-on September 21, the CBI told the CVC that Asthana was facing probe in six cases of corruption.

k - Gujarat Ahmedabad - A retired police sub-inspector has reportedly sent a mail to the CBI alleging that its Special Director Rakesh Asthana had given away Rs 20 crore from the Police Welfare Fund to the BJP election fund when he was posted as Surat police commissioner. The e-mail alleged that Narendra Modi was the Gujarat Chief Minister when the funds were transferred, and they were not returned since. The Income Tax Department had sent a notice for recovery of TDS for the amount, sources said. Thereafter, the papers relating to Police Welfare Fund had gone missing from the office and the Surat Crime Branch was informed about the same. The email further says the misappropriation of Police Welfare Fund had come to the notice of the audit department. 

The CBI booked Asthana in a bribery case, naming him as the prime accused in an FIR filed on 15 October.

the CBI registered an FIR against Asthana and his Deputy Superintendent of Police Devender Kumar, and two alleged middlemen Somesh Prasad and Manoj Prasad on the basis of a statement from Sana that bribe was paid to the middlemen to get relief in repeated questioning by the Asthana's Special Investigation Unit.

CBI alleged that Asthana may have taken a bribe through middleman Manoj Prasad to scuttle an investigation against meat exporter Moin Qureshi, who has a money laundering case against him. As per media reports Prasad has admitted before a magisterial court that he paid bribes to Asthana.

In letters to the Cabinet Secretary and Central Vigilance Commission, Asthana had alleged that Verma and joint director Arun Kumar Sharma were trying to implicate him the case.
Asthana's alleged role in the Qureshi case also came under the spotlight when Hyderabad-based Sana Satish Babu, a businessman who was also being questioned in the case, gave a statement to a Delhi magistrate.

Hindustan Times reported that Babu alleged that middleman Manoj Prasad and his brother Somesh Prasad demanded Rs 5 crore to get Asthana to intervene in the Qureshi case. Babu, according to The Indian Express, is said to have paid the bribe to get relief from questioning in the case by Asthana.

"Sana was called to the CBI for examination/inquiry on multiple occasions in October/November, 2017. During October/November, 2017, there were four instances in which notices were given to Sana. In order to get relief from frequent notices, Shri Sana approached one Manoj Prasad in Dubai in the month of December, 2017,"

He claimed Rs 2.95 crores was paid to the public servants through Manoj Prasad and Somesh Prasad and Sana was able to obtain relief in the on-going investigation in the Moin Qureshi case. Subsequently, there were no notices issued to him till mid of February, 2018

He said on February 19, 2018, again notice was issued to Sana who flew to Dubai and met Prasad.

"Subsequently, there were no notices issued till end of May/early June, 2018,"
On the basis of LOC, Sana was stopped from going abroad by immigration office at Hyderabad on September 24 on the basis of the Look Out Circular.
"Subsequently, he was called by investigation officer on October 1, 2018 and again on October 3. Faced with continued harassment, Sana got his statement recorded with the Magistrate Court regarding the entire transaction,"
Sana also contacted Prasad to get relief from appearance due on October 9, which was promised by Manoj. He had promised to obtain relief till 25th as requested by Sana,
"This relief was obtained with the promise of payment of Rs 2 crore, of which, Rs 25 lakh was paid on October 10, 2018," he said.
Manoj was caught on 16th October when he came to India to get the remaining Rs 1.75 crore
On 20th, Sathish Sana once again recorded his statement with the concerned court corroborating the facts he mentioned in the complaint,"
 CBI arrested DSP rank officer Devender Kumar on Monday, October 22.

The Delhi High Court has given an interim relief to CBI Special Director Rakesh Asthana and held that he can't be arrested till Monday (October 29), when the case will come up for hearing. The court has also asked Asthana and CBI DSP Devender Kumar, who was arrested on Monday, to ensure safe custody of all evidence, electronic items, phones, laptops etc in their possession.

The beginning of Midnight Crime a Historical Move just like a declaring war

CBI director Alok Verma told Asthana to go on leave after that Modi Government PMO sent Verma and Asthana on leave.

Midnight Intrigue, Sinister Plot and Nefarious Conspiracy by was of a collusive subterfuge between Modi Govt and Central Vigilance Commission has now been unraveled. Layers of the drama in the wee hours of midnight aimed at playing a fraud upon the constitution and the law by PM Modi, his government and the CVC is out in the open.

A perusal of the scheming manipulation on the night of October 23, 2018 exposes the treachery with Constitution and the law played out at CBI headquarters to preempt registration of an FIR on Rafale corruption. These are -

1- CVC Mr. K V Chowdary was scheduled to go on a tour to Denmark on October 23 in the evening. He abruptly cancels his tour and holds a meeting of a Central Vigilance Commission at night

11.00 PM - Mr. M Nageshwar Rao, Joint Director, CBI was sent to CBI headquarter in anticipation of the CVC order.

11.30 PM – Delhi Police Commissioner calls his subordinates to alert to their men for an urgent midnight operation. Rendezvous point is given as Khan Market, New Delhi.

At 12.00 am – Delhi Police Commissioner receives instructions from NSA and briefs Delhi Police officers for taking over the CBI headquarter by Delhi Police.

12.30 am - As Delhi Police attempts to take control at CBI headquarter , they are stopped by CISF. CP Delhi speaks to head of CISF, who also receives instructions from PMO/NSA to permit Delhi police takeover of CBI. Delhi Police then takes control of CBI.

8 PM to 12.30 am – CVC his two colleagues draft the order under section 8[1] of cvc act 2003 for removal of director Alok Verma as director CBI by divesting him of all duties.

12.30am to 1 am – CVC order is taken to North Block, where secretary Personnel C Chandramouli is waiting as per instructions of PMO.

Shri Chandramouli then rushes to PMO.
Cabinet Committee on appointments headed by PM then gives approval to remove Alok Verma as CBI director and appoint M Nageshwar Rao as the new CBI director.

CVC and Additional Secretary, DOPT Shri Lok Ranjan, then visits the CBI headquarters.

2.30 am – CVC, Additional Secretary, DOPT, Shri Lok Ranjan, Joint Director Shri Nageshwar Rao come out of the CBI headquarters with files and records.

2.30 am – orders are served on Shri Alok Verma.

Alongside, three key officials who were investigating bribery charges against Asthana, after the agency registered a case on 15 October, were moved out of CBI.

Fresh orders were issued on Wednesday morning to transfer 13 officers including Ajay Bassi, the investigating officer in the Rakesh Asthana bribery case, who was transferred to Port Blair. S.S. Gurm, an additional superintendent of police, was transferred to Jabalpur and Manish Kumar Sinha, a deputy inspector general, was transferred to Nagpur.

Total 13 CBI officers have been shifted since morning, including shunting out of whole team of Alok Verma that was probing Rakesh Asthana case

Alok Verma Approaches Supreme Court -
Supreme Court of India ordered following - new Director CBI, Nageshwar Rao restrained from taking any major or policy decision. All decisions taken by him under scanner. The inquiry by CVC against Verma will be supervised by retd SC judge and done in 2 weeks

Prior to all these CBI director Alok Verma received the complaint regarding Rafale Scam, it was expected that Alok Verma will start the inquiry into Rafale scam, but before this a game was played out and it took the wicket of Asthana as well as Alok Verma.

Alok Verma had to pay the price for asking the Ministry of Defence for “verification” of the Rafale documents given in a complaint  made to him by former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) politicians, Arun Shourie and Yashwant Sinha, and lawyer Prashant Bhushan.

National Herald reproted that It has been reliably learnt that Alok Verma had started a preliminary enquiry in the Rafale deal and had even written a letter to Union Defence Secretary Sanjay Mitra, seeking some crucial files of the 36-fighter jet deal between India and France.
National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, on instructions from the Prime Minister's Office (PMO), had personally asked Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Director Alok Verma to withdraw his request to investigate Rafale Scam.
Alok Verma was suspended within hours after refusing to cede to Doval's request.

Below are the  three mistakes committed by the CBI Director Alok Verma which made him villain and politicians took his wicket.

a-meeting the former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) politicians, Arun Shourie and Yashwant Sinha, and lawyer Prashant Bhushan

b-He demanded Rafale Documents from Ministry of Defense , he was preparing to start invetigation into Rafale Scam

c-Registration of bribery case against Asthana who is the favorite of BJP government PM Modi and Amit Shah

Now what will happen in this case.?
Nothing will happen in this case.
Verma and Asthana both will be found not guilty.
Rafale Scam probe will get delayed, the next CBI director will obey all the orders from the PMO without any opposition and thinking, a free parrot without wings and powers and brains.

A caged parrot died in this episode leaving India a nation without any investigating agency who will probe elected politicians.

Let us hope SC monitored inquiry against Verma will reinstate Verma as a CBI director who will start probe in Rafale Scam.

Reality views by sm -

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