26 September 2018

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Rafale Scam Fact Check Does UPA Congress govt gave contract to Reliance Ambani

Rafale Scam Explained Fact Check Does UPA Congress govt gave contract to Reliance Ambani
The previous UPA government was negotiating with Dassault Aviation for procurement of 126 Rafale jets under which 18 jets were to supplied in a fly-away condition and 108 were to be manufactured in India by the French company along with HAL.

In 2014 Congress lost elections and lost chance to seal the deal.

But Congress government selected world no. 1 plane that is all rounder Rafale which will be useful for India up to year 2050.

The Congress alleged that BJP Modi government was procuring each aircraft at a cost of over Rs 1,670 crore as against Rs 526 crore finalized by the UPA government when it was negotiating procurement of 126 Rafale jets.

BJP Government – Now Dassault Aviation has entered into contract with a company owned by Anil Ambani. Its alleged that PM Modi suggested name of the Anil Ambani

 BJP leader and Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad  said that Dassault Aviation, the manufacturer of the fighter aircraft, and Reliance had entered into an agreement as early as 2012 when the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance was in power.

Defense Ministry cited media reports of February 2012 which “suggest that Dassault Aviation, within two weeks of being declared the lowest bidder for procurement of 126 (Rafale) aircraft by the previous government, had entered into a pact for partnership with Reliance Industries in defense sector”

Fact Check – Understand the connection between UPA Congress government and Ambani deal

1- Just Media reports were cited no other details were given regarding this by Ministry or BJP.

2-In 2012 Reliance Chief was the Mukesh Ambani

3-Name of Reliance Defense company – The name of Reliance Gas Marketing was changed to Reliance Aerospace Technologies Ltd In May 2012 Mukesh Ambani’s this defense firm changed its name to Reliance Aerospace.

4- February 2012 – Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Aerospace had entered into a memorandum of understanding with Dassault for pursing strategic opportunities of collaboration But HAL government owned company was the main partner The Reliance Aerospace pact of 2012 was for making components. But 70 per cent of the manufacturing would have been undertaken by HAL. That Deal was Make in India Deal, India was supposed to get Transfer of Technology

Meaning of Memorandum of Understanding -
A memorandum of understanding (MOU) is an agreement between two parties that is not legally binding, but which outlines the responsibilities of each of the parties to the agreement. An MOU is often the first step toward creating a legally binding contract. In the U.S., an MOU can be considered identical to a letter of intent, which is another kind of non-binding agreement that suggests that a binding agreement will soon follow.

MOU is a  nonbinding written document that states the responsibilities of each party to an agreement, before the official contract is drafted.

5-But as per media reports  Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Aerospace did not pursue its defense business.

6-Anil Ambani Defense Company was formed just before few days  before BJP Modi government gave contract to buy 36 Rafale ready made planes without transfer of technology.

In 2017, Reliance Defense, an Anil Ambani company  issued a media release saying Reliance Aerostructure and Dassault Aviation have formed a joint venture called Dassault Reliance Aerospace Ltd for the offset projects.

Fact Check Result – UPA Congress government did not give Contract to a company owned by Anil Ambani.

Just a MOU was signed with the company owned by the Mukesh Ambani, MOU is not binding  and 70% Contract was with the HAL the government owned defense company.

Government owned company means company is owned by every Indian you and me.

Fact Check answer is UPA Government did not give contract to Anil Ambani, Just MOU was signed by the Mukesh Ambani Company to make components only and share was just 30%

Most important question is whether the PM Narendra Modi himself or his government suggested the name of Anil Ambani’s firm — as former French President Francois Hollande has claimed

Reality views by sm -

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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rudraprayaga September 28, 2018  

sm, I am not polishing BJP or Congress, I just say that persons should keep a decorum in using abusive words. Anybody can criticize a govt.in a sovereign democracy. Using civilized language is a minimum requirement by citizens with at least the minimum education.
Sedition should not come in this situation, but they can chose defamation,I fully agree.Modi's age should be considered while using the language, even if he is only an ordinary citizen.

I am not speaking about PM or politics, just the values that people should follow.

rudraprayaga September 28, 2018  

Regarding the fact check, sm, you and I are foolish to believe these politicians. Both the parties do not produce any documents regarding favouritism to Ambanis. Only verbal exercise.
I don't trust any party since the politicians stand only for votes and they may go to any extent for that, may it be BJP or Congress. They take any sort of measures to get their end. To keep Sonia,Rahul and Vadera in palacian mansions, a substantial amount of people's tax is being spent. All these riches have come from India's fund, as Sonia has not brought anything from Germany. Moreover they (all the parties) may use corporate money for growing their parties. So they favour them for cash. And when the election is around the precinct, people start mud-fliging on each other.

Even if 1% share for a corporate company means they are ready to do some favour. So I don't stand for any party.

Politicians first serve their family,then party and then a little bit the country. Thank you for the info.

SM September 29, 2018  

Rafale scam is one of the biggest scam in the history of India