02 July 2018

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SC asks BJP government to inform in 10 days time frame for appointing Lokpal

SC asks BJP government to inform in 10 days time frame for appointing Lokpal

One of the reasons Congress Party and Former Honorable PM  Manmohan Singh lost elections in 2014 was the Lokpal.

Under the Lokpal Act, which was passed in the Parliament in 2013 but came into force next year after the President had given his assent, the Lokpal is to be appointed by the selection committee including the PM, CJI or his nominee and an eminent jurist.

How BJP Government delayed the appointment of Lokpal?
The BJP government had taken a stand that delay was due to the absence of  Leader of Opposition (LOP).

Since the Congress does not have the required 10 percent of the total seats in the Lok Sabha, the party was denied the LOP status after the General Election in 2014.

In April 2017, the Supreme court had said the anti-corruption body should be set up without delay and the absence of LOP should not come on the way of appointment. However, following the pressure from the Supreme Court the government later decided to include the largest opposition party in selection panels for the Lokpal and for CBI chief.

The Supreme Court, in its last year’s verdict, had said there was no justification to keep the enforcement of the Lokpal Act suspended till the proposed amendments, including on the issue of the Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha, were cleared by Parliament.

The Supreme Court of India was hearing a contempt petition filed by NGO Common Cause, which had raised the issue of non-appointment of the ombudsman despite the apex court’s verdict on April 27, 2017.

The Supreme Court on Monday, July 2, 2018 directed the BJP Government to apprise it within 10 days about the time frame for appointing the anti-graft ombudsman Lokpal in the country.
BJP government  on May 15 informed the Supreme court that senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi has been appointed as an eminent jurist in the selection committee for appointment of the anti-graft ombudsman Lokpal.

Senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan on behalf of petitioner NGO Common Cause has been repeatedly urging the Supreme court to pass an order with a direction to the Centre arguing that the Centre was merely dragging it’s feet.

On March 6, the last date of hearing Bhushan argued that it was clear that the government does not want to appoint” the most important anti-corruption watchdog

He said that “The Act is more than four year old. Even after the order of this court, one year lapsed. Only when we filed a contempt petition they called for a meeting”,

Next date of the case - The Supreme Court Bench has posted the matter for hearing on July 17,2018

Always Remember No Lokpal menas Government fears the Lokpal who will expose their bad deeds.

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Monday,July 2, 2018

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