31 July 2018

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RTI BJP Govt says can not share Nirav Modi Passport Details

RTI BJP Govt says can not share Nirav Modi Passport Details
On July 2, Interpol made public a Red Corner notice for Nirav Modi, his brother and an employee. According a PTI report, Interpol gave details to its 192 members of five passports issued to Modi between May 2008 and 2017, which had been cancelled but were still being used for travelling.

Right to information application revealed that BJP government is not ready to share the details of Nirav Modi passport.

As per Indian laws Nirav Modi is criminal and accused person but BJP government is not ready to share the details information regarding to passport of Nirav Modi.

Nirav Modi, the founder of Nirav Modi Global Diamond Jewellery House, established in 2010, is currently a wanted fugitive who absconded in early 2018 when the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) started investigating a $2 billion fraud case involving him and Indian banks.

The ED had registered two cases of money laundering against the duo based on two first information reports (FIR) filed by the CBI in January 2018.
The CBI had alleged that Nirav and his uncle Mehul Choksi allegedly cheated Punjab National Bank (PNB) in connivance with certain bank officials by fraudulently getting Letters of Undertaking (LOUs) issued to their three firms without any collateral and without following prescribed procedure, causing wrongful loss to PNB.
While Nirav’s location is not yet clear, it was confirmed that Choksi acquired citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda last year.
Ever since Nirav Modi left India, Modi has reportedly been travelling through various countries, even as his passport was under suspension and eventually cancelled.
In June, an RTI query with multiple questions was submitted to the ministry to unravel the mystery of Nirav’s international travel itinerary despite him being a fugitive.
Following questions were asked
1-whether the MEA knew Nirav’s passport number,
2-the date of its suspension,
3-details of his multiple passport booklets,
4-including issuing authority, if he held them.
5-There were also queries about the route that Nirav Modi had travelled to flee India,
6-whether Indian passport can be used to trace a person’s route
7-and if the ministry had used this method.
8-Lastly, MEA was asked whether it was aware of Nirav Modi’s location in June.

There was an answer only for the first of the eight questions – MEA agreed that it does know the passport number of Nirav’s passport.
But for all other queries about details of the passport, there was stonewalling. “The desired information in the above-mentioned points cannot be provided to applicant keeping it as an exemption under Section 8(1)(j) of the RTI Act 2005,” said the MEA reply.

The MEA’s reply dated July 18 had also used the RTI Act’s provision on protecting privacy to answer the query about whether Nirav owned ‘multiple passports’.

If you are common Indian citizen we do not have any right to privacy as per BJP government mindset , we Indians are lucky that 9 Judge Supreme Court gave the Indians right to privacy.
Now questions are

Why BJP Modi government is caring so much about the privacy of a accused person who ran away with our money your money and my money, the tax payers money?

Hope someone will file application RTI query asking the BJP government that does Nirav Modi got Aadhaar Number , Does BJP government is in possession of Bio metrics details of Nirav Modi or they got deleted ?

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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

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Kirtivasan Ganesan August 01, 2018  

It is foolish information that is being asked. As if the Govt. will reveal.