04 July 2018

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Goa Govt Project Explained Shiv Yog Cosmic Farming Chant Mantra Project to increase crop yield

Goa Govt Project Explained Shiv Yog Cosmic Farming Chant Mantra Project to increase crop yield
BJP Goa Govt launches project Chant Vedic Mantra to increase crops yields

On Tuesday Goa Agriculture Minister Vijay Sardesai inaugurated a pilot project at a field, close to his residence in Fatorda.

The project is named “Shiv Yog Cosmic Farming” and is designed by Dr Avadhoot Shivanand, a former chemical engineer turned godman, in Gurgaon through his Shiv Yog Foundation.
Sardesai’s wife, Usha is a follower of this foundation

What farmer has to do which mantra farmer has to say?
A “vedic” technique which requires a farmer to sit, meditate and channel “cosmic energy” by chanting “Om rom jum sah” for at least 20 minutes a day for better crop yields

Farmers were also called in for a free two-day workshop at the state’s official stadium. In a presentation at the workshop, representatives of the Shiv Yog Foundation distributed a curriculum on meditation, which requires an at least 20-minute recital of “Om rom jum sah” during the seed planting stage, till the seeds take roots – to ensure the “cosmic energies bring the positive microorganisms alive”, and reduce the dependence on fertilizers, gradually.
The participants were also asked to view a Doordarshan show by Dr Shivanand where he presents two studies that confirm his methodology. According to Sardesai, the studies were enough, though the state government hasn’t verified either of them.

The above project got the backing of BJP Goa government.

Goa Agriculture Minister Vijay Sardesai told to media that “There is no money involved and, as an agriculture minister, I will explore every method to increase interest in farming.
“My wife Usha is a Shiv Yogi and she is the one who has been promoting this philosophy. I was sceptical at first too, but it’s not magic.

Sardesai said: “I was also a sceptic but after meeting Babaji and reading his studies I am also convinced. The general thrust is to focus the energy into the soil, be less dependent on fertilisers. I don’t think we (Goa government) personally need to study as Central Government has listed it in their programme. They must have studied all that, no? 

Sardesai said, “All I know is there are some celestial sounds one can capture and channel through mediation and help increase the yield and decrease the input of fertilisers. This particular scheme of Shiv Yogi also comes under the Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana of the Central Government and hence we decided to look into it. The government’s thrust is to increase cultivation, now it can be done anyway, either using religion, through cosmic science, through glamour… anyway,”

Indian Express reported that In January, Usha, accompanied by the Director of Agriculture Nelson Figueriedo, attended an hour-long workshop with Dr Shivanand, where they were told of the benefits of “channelling Shakti into the soil”. Sardesai confirmed the visit.

Over the last week, Goan farmers have been receiving videos on WhatsApp, which claim they were shot in fields of Madhya Pradesh. The videos show farmers sitting cross-legged and meditating with Shivanand, called ‘Babaji’, describing the impact on the field. In one video, he calls it “tapping the cosmic shakti through the third eye similar to Lord Shiv and forcing the energy to dilute the negative destructive sounds around the field, pushing the universe’s positive vibrations towards healthier seed germination”.

Fatorda farmers from Sardesai’s constituency who attended the exhibition, say Usha Sardesai’s case study was also discussed where she has practised the methodology on her plants at home, and her “orchids” on the front porch.

Reality views by sm -

Hope now BJP government will order the goa governemnt school teachers to record the farmers chanting Mantra for the next six months.

They will study farmers ,record them and publish the scientific results of this mantra.

If Mantra fails 100% government should declare that Mantra does not work, the project failed.

if there is more than 75% success Government should again involve more science students who will study farmers chanting and record everything scientifically.

Constitution of India says develop scientific mentality in Indian citizens.

Hope BJP Gov Government will study and declare the results of chanting.

I do not know any one has pass any examination by just chanting mantra.

To increase crop yield farmers need following
1- 24 hour water supply
2-24 hour electricity
3- Free Good quality seeds
4-Free good quality fertilizers
5-organic farming knowledge
6- Crop loans, farming loans with zero percent interest

India is a democratic nation every indian citizen is free to do what he or she wishes without harming others.
same way farmers are free to do what they want to do

But Government of India has a duty to spread scientific knowledge among indian citizens.

It is duty of government of India to support science and spread science nothing else which is not apporved by the science

Do you think any politician will win any election by just chanting Mantra , no he will need to spend billions of rupees and he will need to do hard work

Hardwork and Honesty on right time pays the good yield.

Wednesday,July4, 2018

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