02 June 2018

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Mumbai Hindi Film Industry called as Bollywood is it derogatory reference

Mumbai Hindi Film Industry called as Bollywood is it derogatory reference

Hindu reported that BJP is planning to change the name Bollywood of Bombay, Mumbai Film Industry
Hindu reported that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya made a request to  Information and Broadcasting Minister Rajyavardhan Rathore  to coin an appropriate name for the Hindi film industry, one that will help extinguish the use of the word ‘Bollywood’ to refer to it

director Subhash Ghai told to (BJP) general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya that the term ‘Bollywood’ now used to refer to the Hindi film industry was a derogatory reference coined by foreign media, and that we should discourage its use. He said that it made it seem as though we were a pale copy of Hollywood

Subhash Ghai is totally wrong in saying that Bollywood is a derogatory reference.

No, calling Hindi Movie industry as a Bollywood is not derogatory or a bad word.

Bollywood is a great name given to Mumbai film industry.

film industry, movie industry means the entertainment industries involved in producing and distributing movies

Acronym – B Town – B Town means Bollywood

What is definition of word Bollywood?

Bollywood -: the motion-picture industry in India [Merriam-Webster]

Movies made in USA are called as Hollywood

Movies made in Bombay or Mumbai is called as Bollywood. Bollywood only refers to Hindi language movies.  Some Bollywood movies are called as Masala Movies also.
Masala means spice.

Movies made in Telugu language, Telugu Film Industry is refereed as, called as Tollywood. Movies made in Bengal

Movies made in Tamil language are refereed as Kollywood

Movies made in Kerala are refereed as Mollywood.

Jollywood is the colloquial name given to Assamese movie industry

Movies made in Pakistan are refereed as Lollywood.

Why it is important to call them as Hollywood, Bollywood and Lollywood etc?

First the term Hollywood came, after that Bollywood and it becomes very easy for the people to recognize that where the xyz movie is produced, the origin of movie etc.

The naming scheme for "Bollywood" was inspired by "Tollywood", the name that was used to refer to the cinema of West Bengal.

Dating back to 1932, "Tollywood" was the earliest Hollywood-inspired name, referring to the Bengali film industry based in Tollygunge (in Calcutta, West Bengal), whose name is reminiscent of "Hollywood" and was the center of the cinema of India at the time. It was this "chance juxtaposition of two pairs of rhyming syllables," Holly and Tolly, that led to the portmanteau name "Tollywood" being coined. The name "Tollywood" went on to be used as a nickname for the Bengali film industry by the popular Calcutta-based Junior Statesman youth magazine, establishing a precedent for other film industries to use similar-sounding names, eventually leading to the coining of "Bollywood"."

Tollywood" is now also popularly used to refer to the Telugu film industry in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

If we try to find who used the term Bollywood for Hindi movie industry you will not find the correct answer, thus it is not important.

Today in this global village everyone knows what is the meaning of Bollywood, it is world wide accepted term, it is total foolish idea to change the name of Bollywood even if you change it we will call it and refer Hindi movie as a Bollywood movie.

It is waste of time even to debate or talk about changing name of Bollywood movie industry.

Name change of Bollywood or name of any other place proves and just shows that xyz has failed in everything and just to fool people they change the name of place and doing that they destroy the history attach to that name of also. This is reason always use Bombay whenever you write Mumbai must write Bombay also.

When word Hindu is accepted then why not Bollywood

Nothing is derogatory in using term Bollywood.

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Saturday, June 2, 2018

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Kirtivasan Ganesan June 08, 2018  

Bollywood is not derogatory. It only adds to Hollywood term.
But then Subhash Ghai has criticised it. And Subhash Ghai is a big name and banner.