18 April 2018

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Tripura BJP CM Biplab Deb says internet was invented by India

Tripura BJP CM Biplab Deb says internet was invented by India

In a very intelligent , super intelligent  statement Tripura BJP Chief Minister Biplab Deb said
the internet was invented lakhs of years ago and that the technology and satellites were present during the period of Mahabharata.

Addressing a regional workshop on Public Distribution System (PDS), the CM said, “Not US and other western countries, but the internet was invented by India lakhs of years ago.”

“Many may decline the fact, but if the internet was not there, how Sanjay, could see the war in Kurukshetra and describe it to Dhritarashtra? It means internet was there, the satellites and that technology was there in this country at that time,” Deb was quoted as saying by Tripura Infoway.

BJP Chief Minister Deb said said episodes of the 18-day epic war in Kurukshetra were relayed by narrator Sanjay to the blind king Dhritarashtra with the help of internet technology.

In his speech BJP Chief Minister Deb said “Yeh desh wo desh hai, jisme Mahabharat mein Sanjay ne bethke Dhritarashtra ko yudh me kya ho raha tha bol raha tha. Iska matlab technology tha, internet tha, satellite tha... (This is the country where the episodes of the Mahabharat war were narrated to Dhritarashtra by Sanjay. This means technology was there, Internet was there, satellite was there...

“I congratulate the NIC for their jobs but you people didn’t discover technology. It was discovered much earlier. Even the European countries can claim that they have invented the technology but in reality, the technology was ours. Many of our Microsoft engineers are working in USA and other countries. My country is rich in culture,”

The chief minister expressed, “I feel proud that I am born in a country with such an advanced technology, the countries which claim themselves to be technologically advanced are hiring Indian talent to upgrade their software mechanism.” The speaker was addressing representatives from Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Nagaland at Pragna Bhawan in Agartala.

The statement of CM can be treated as a Fake News.
Fake News - India invented Internet , that time they did not even enjoyed the electricity or tap water in their home, and for many Mahabharata never happened it was just a great story.

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Wednesday,April 18,2018

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