05 April 2018

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Salman Khan gets five year jail term for blackbuck poaching case

Salman Khan gets five year jail term for blackbuck poaching case
Bollywood star Salman Khan was held guilty by a Jodhpur court in blackbuck poaching case. The court said Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Neelam and Sonali Bendre not guilty in 1998 case.

Salman Khan handed a five-year jail term and Rs 10,000 fine by Jodhpur court. He will be taken straight to Jodhpur Central jail.

Now a good lawyer will read the judgement of Jodpur Court , he will find the technical faults in the judgement and Salman Khan will get acquitted in this case in his appeal.

Salman has been sentenced to five years of jail. The actor can seek bail from the sessions court.  

Once a accused gets a bail he moves to High Court , then Supreme Court  and final result will come after 50 years , God knows who will be alive until that.

Today Salman Khan is 52 years old, now then what is the use if he goes to Jail at the age of 75 or 80 years old when every human being thinks only about peaceful death nothing else.

That time lawyers will say it is not fault of Salman Khan that case took so long , now he is a old man , do not send him jail and sure Court will agree with him and he will never go to jail because of old age.

A big failure of Indian Judicial system for this Judges are not responsible , laws are full of loopholes and intelligent lawyers use them and win cases after cases when everyone knows that he has committed a  crime.

Bail for 2 year jail term and no bail for 5 year jail term is also one of the biggest loop hole.
If sentence is less than three years, accused gets  bail from the same court itself. If the quantum is over three years, the actor goes to jail and will have to seek bail from the sessions court.

Once a guilty one should always go to jail even if jail term is for a week.  For any crime minimum punishment should be 5 years not less that this, even if one slaps someone in anger he should go to jail for 5 years only then India will improve otherwise Indian image and Indian laws no one will respect them except indian middle class.

Internationally people say  and will always say Sab Kuch Chalta Hai, Yeh to India Hai.

Now in depth know about black poaching case.

Actor Salman Khan was convicted of killing two blackbucks in September 1998 while shooting for a Bollywood movie. Actors Sonali Bendre, Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, and Neelam Kothari were acquitted.

Salman khan killed  two blackbucks, hunting of which is prohibited under the Wildlife Protection Act, at Kankani village in Jodhpur during the shooting of film Hum Saath Saath Hain. Actors Saif, Sonali, Tabu and Neelam and a local resident, Dushyant Singh, are among the accused in the case.

Khan has been involved in four cases related to the blackbuck/chinkara poaching cases. He has been accused of killing two chinkaras at Bhavad village in September 1998, a chinkara at the Rajasthan’s Ghoda farms in October 1998 and two blackbucks near Kankani village in October 1998. In addition, he was also accused of using two firearms with alleged expired licences.

February 2006 -
Salman Khan was convicted under the Wildlife Act and given a one-year jail term, for killing two chinkaras at Bhavad village in September 1998. This is overturned after an appeal.

April 2006 -
A Jodhpur sessions court gives Salman Khan a five-year-sentence, in the second chinkara case, where he was accused of hunting a blackbuck in Ghoda farms. Salman Khan spends three days in jail after which he is granted bail.

November 2013 -
Rajasthan High Court suspends the five-year sentence given in April 2006 to Salman Khan

January 2015 -
Supreme Court sets aside Rajasthan High Court’s stay on the sentence.

July 2016 -
Rajasthan High Court acquits Salman Khan in the two chinakara poaching cases.

January 2017 -
Jodhpur court acquits Salman Khan in the Arms Case, where he was accused of possessing and weapons with an expired licence during the hunt for the endangered chinkaras and blackbucks

April 5, 2018 -
Jodhpur court convicts  Salman Khan in the blackbuck poaching case, acquits the other actors involved

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