01 April 2018

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Know What social media sites like Google Facebook know about you

Know What social media sites like Google Facebook know about you
As soon as one creates an account on social media site like Google or Facebook or installs any application he opens a door for them to spy on you 24/7, 365 days.

What Google Knows about you -

Android Phone and Applications -

Whenever you install any application on android phone, it ask you many permissions like access to camera, chat, history, contacts, everything and if you do not give that app permission to spy on you, the app will not work on android, it wont get installed, thus 99% users without reading anything just accept all terms and conditions and give permissions to app and thus app starts sending data to a server which may be located in your country or outside country.

Even if you change android phone, gmail account, all the data stays forever on that server for someone to sell it and make money.

Google keeps information regarding which apps you use it, how long you use each app.

Google knows about your friends, even if they are staying in other countries.

Android Applications or in simple say Google keeps the record of you on everything,
Gender, age, hobbies, career, interests, relationship status, weight, location, map, time, activity, whats app activity, contacts, mobile numbers everything.

All the above records help them in their advertising, what is in your mind, you see it on your web browser through ads.

Google stores your location (if you have it turned on) every time you turn on your phone, and you can see a timeline from the first day you started using Google on your phone

Search History -
Google stores your search history even if you delete search history, phone history, the one copy is always their on google servers.
Manually You have to delete that history.
Who knows if hidden copy is kept or not after deletion or can it be recovered using tools if required.
We have to just trust google that once manually history is deleted it is deleted fully and forever.

Google stores all your YouTube History and Google knows which actors and actress, movies you like or adult movies you saw, what you do on YouTube Google knows about it.

Google even knows your interests which political leader you like, which political party you like and hate.

Facebook -

Once you join the Facebook, open account from that day Facebook start to record everything what you do, when you log in, when you log out, which devices you use, who are your friends, which movies you saw or planning to see.

What you read above about Google, Facebook also does the same, whatever you do on Facebook it is stored on their servers and when intelligent people want to use that information the companies like Cambridge Analytica take birth and these companies can change your thought process as well as see that the leader whom you hate you start to like him and vote for him.

Now a days Facebook data is even checked by employers thus whenever you do anything on FB or post anything on FB think about your future employer and limit your actions what you write on FB.

If possible one should make the minimal use of Facebook, Whats app, if not do the intelligent use of social media tools.

Never trust news or articles on Whats app it is always 99% Fake News thus always verify that news and only then forward it.

When you forward news, FB knows it, Whatever you do on Instagram FB knows it.

Google and FB both know everything about you.

Use Google and FB intelligently always. 

P.S. - The article is posted on April 1, but is not April fool article take it seriously.

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Sunday, April 1, 2018

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Kirtivasan Ganesan April 03, 2018  

Early days internet was simple web pages.
Then better things came and advertising and financial impact was considered and interactivity increased.
Now, more interactivity is being added with knowing about what you click, what are your likes, dislikes and all.
Legally, the government must make concrete laws based on democratic needs. Otherwise things will move like a paper from the hands of a trembling man standing in wind.