26 April 2018

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How to stop auto playing videos in Chrome Browser

How to stop auto playing videos in Chrome Browser

When we open any web page and suddenly without any prompt video starts playing, music starts playing it is very annoying.

Normally a video should never start automatically, only third class videos starts playing automatically, my own rule is if video starts automatically never ever watch that video, whatever may be the content of that video.

To get rid of automatic video playing in chrome browser, just do the following, change following settings and you are done.

How to stop auto playing video, whether you're using a desktop or mobile browser.

1- Launch Chrome

2-Type chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy into the address bar and hit Enter

3-Click on the drop-down menu next to Auto play Policy, which should currently show Default

4-Select 'Document user activation is required'

5-Click the 'Relaunch Now' button at the bottom of the page

No Guarantee this idea will work on 100%, all websites Chrome needs to give just a simple button in setting auto play on or off. But Chrome developers do not understand this simple logic the demand of web users.

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Thursday, April 26,2018

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Kurik April 26, 2018  

This tip doesn't work so don't waste your time.

rudraprayaga May 02, 2018  

Some info.may not be working as we expect.anyway thank for sharing the info.