15 March 2018

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Police arrest 3 from Tamilrockers.com and 2 from Dvdrockers piracy sites

Police arrest 3 from Tamilrockers.com and 2 from Dvdrockers piracy sites
The Kerala police on Wednesday, arrested members of two Indian popular piracy websites, namely Tamilrockers.com and Dvdrockers that have been accused of releasing pirated copies of several films in the last few months.

Police told to media that Karthi, is the main administrator of Tamilrockers, was arrested along with Prabhu and Suresh from Villipuram. Jagan and Johnson who allegedly run DVD rockers were arrested from Thirunelveli. They are both brothers

The members of Tamil Rockers used to upload pirated movies on 19 domains including tamilrockers.in, tamilrockers.ac, tamilrockers.me, tamilrockers.co, tamilrockers.is among others

All the gang members were technically qualified. It even included MSc and BSc holders in computer science. They used to record movies in pieces from various parts of the world and join it.

According to the police, Karthi, who is reportedly the main admin of Tamilrockers, has earned more than Rs 1 crore in the past few months.

Karthi and another associate earned over a crore, while the others made about Rs 75 lakh, said the Deccan Chronicle report. On an average, the gang members were reportedly making around Rs 1-2 lakh per month from piracy.

The police arrested the Tamil Rockers member’s men following the ads that have appeared on these websites. The police reportedly contacted a person from the piracy racket which helped them nab the members of Tamil Rockers pirating South Indian movies.

The company reportedly sent an email to a person from the piracy racket and it helped the cops to trace and nab the culprits.

According to Anti-Piracy Cell Superintendent B.K. Prasanthan it was an email, sent by a Haryana-based ad company to an individual who was arrested in 2016 in a similar case that helped in tracking the members of Tamilrockers. “This ad company had sent a mail to [the individual], offering to publish ads on the website he was running. In that email, the company happened to mention that they have ties with Tamilrockers. We got the information about Tamilrockers through this ad company,” That information included the bank account details of the suspects.

There are seven cases registered against TamilRockers.

All five accused have been booked under relevant sections of the Copyright Act and IT Act, and have been remanded to judicial custody

G. Shankar, the admin of a popular piracy website Tamilgun.in, was arrested couple of months earlier by the Chennai police.

All five men were remanded in custody but not before they were paraded in front of the media, footage which later appeared on TV.

Why Police do not take such steps in all the criminal cases why only selected people are paraded before the television that is media.

Example - Income tax raids , they say billions of rupees found but do not show footage , do not show or parade the white collar accused who amass illegal wealth.

No one is criminal unless and until declared by the Indian Court or International Courts.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

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pooja sharma March 26, 2018  

Piracy is prevailing in the industry since ages. Its not only the issue with the tamil film industry but bollywood is largely affected by this piracy.
Police should shut down various website that are running online.
But at least some people were arrested that a good step initiative.