20 March 2018

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BJP Govt to bring law to control online views, opinions and news websites

BJP Govt to bring law to control online views, opinions and news websites
BJP may bring law to censor online views, news, opinion of Indian bloggers and news websites.

In India Print media ,news papers need to register themselves thus government knows who is running the news paper.

In India TV channels need to get a broadcast license in order to uplink or distribute downlinked content in India.

In both the above cases  government of India directly or indirectly controlls newspapers , print media and television media.

Now here comes the case of  online news, views, audio or video content which any Indian produces and uploads on internet without government permission and fear of results , they enjoy their democratic fundamental rights and freedoms. What one can not say on Indian street  or public even if it is 100% correct he or she can say that without fear online.
Now BJP Modi government wants to control that freedom to express online oneself on social media or internet without fear.

Its a universal truth that in India and many nations with one phone call any government is able to control the television news ,print news and views of anchors who host the television shows and debates but it is impossible to control the views and opinions of thousands of bloggers and news websites who openly write their views with their own censorship rules and Criticize the ruling government.

For the above rule you find exceptions in America because of their nearly perfect constitution and First Amendment Law which every nation needs to copy and implement it.

China is not a democratic nation, China is a nation which works like Hitler Raj, it is good that until now Chinese government have not committed crimes like Hitler.

In china everything is controlled by government agencies and police, thoughts of bloggers, news sites, opinions, Facebook, google everything is controlled by the government of china.
In china only few percent citizens dare to criticize Chinese leadership and currently same is happening in Russia also.

The above things may happen in BJP rule in India, Reason is decreasing popularity of BJP and Modi, Ram Mandir Issue and not doing anything to fulfill the promises which BJP made to citizens of India before 2014 elections.

In at attempt to regulate online content news and opinion BJP and Narendra Modi government is working on a “code of conduct” and perhaps draft legislation which will become compulsory for news websites and bloggers of India to follow.

Speaking at the News18 ‘Rising India Summit’ in New Delhi, Irani gave no details of the planned code of conduct

On March 17, 2018 Smriti Zubin Irani, Union minister for information and broadcasting said that present regulations governing digital media are “not clear” with regard to news and broadcast content material, her ministry is working on legislation and “is already in talks with the concerned stakeholders” on the issue. while television, radio and newspapers had to adhere to a code, “online is an ecosystem where legislation in terms of news, legislation in terms of broadcast content material, is not very clear. That is something that the ministry is currently undertaking, and in conversations with stakeholders.

I feel that if government brings this law every blogger and every news website will need to attach their blog or website to link with Aadhaar Card number of every writer, blogger with government agencies.
2nd BJP law will also say that for defamation blogger or news website will face 10 year of jail term if BJP brings a law to control online views and news of bloggers and news websites.

If government moves a little step towards controlling views and opinion of bloggers and news websites, BJP government and PM Narendra Modi will lose all the respect which he got from Indian citizens and he will lose the 2019 elections like never before.

I hope PM Narendra Modi will advise Irani to drop her plans and forget about controlling internet, views and opinions.

Current laws are enough to control the fake news if you want to control fake news , bring a special laws called as Internet Fake News and Trolls Act 2019 which will only punish bloggers or social media users who again and again fake news and this act should also apply to  television media, print media and government ministers. example politicians who fake the news on the name of Stephen Hawkings a great scientist

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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