18 March 2018

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Analysis of Rahul Gandhi's Speech at the 84th Plenary Session of Congress

Analysis of Rahul Gandhi's Speech at the 84th Plenary Session of Congress

Addressing the 84th Congress plenary session in New Delhi, Congress President Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack on BJP, RSS and the Narendra Modi government.
On the 2nd day of the Congress session meet Rahul Gandhi gave a speech and gave ideas what he wants to do, how he wants to improve Congress Party and how he wants to run India when Congress comes to power in 2019.

Rahul said, "Will India live a lie or will India have the courage to face the truth? Today, the corrupt and powerful control the conversation in the country."
Below are the top quotes from Rahul Rahul Gandhi's Speech at the 84th Plenary Session of Congress

The quotes will give Idea and help us to understand What is the ambition and desire of Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi said, “The last government we formed did not stand up to the expectations of the country and the people felt let down by us.”

I want to tell the country, India is facing big problems, farmers say we cant live as agriculture is not making money and they commit suicide. On the other hand, youth is unemployed, four years ago they trusted Narendra Modi, but that trust has been broken and the youth is asking questions.

Instead of acknowledging the challenges facing the nation, PM Modi diverts our attention away from our problems. We are being told that our problems only exist in our imagination

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Sunday compared equated  the BJP and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) with the "Kauravas" of the Hindu epic Mahabharata, saying they were designed to "fight for power". "Centuries ago, there was huge battle on the field of Kurukshetra. The Kauravas were powerful and arrogant, while the Pandavas were humble and they fought for the truth,"

BJP RSS – The Kauravas were powerful and arrogant. Like the Kauravas BJP and RSS are designed to fight for power

Congress – The Pandavas fought for the truth. like the Pandavas, Congress is designed to fight for truth.

Yoga Attack on PM Modi -
Farmers are committing suicides, Youths don't have any Jobs, There is no employment, farmers are dying and the PM asks us do Yoga in front of the India Gate.
We were the fastest growing economy in the world. But today millions of youth face unemployment.

When it’s important for the Prime Minister to speak, he goes silent

BJP is the voice of one organization (RSS) while Congress is the voice of the nation.

Gandhian died for India, but India must never forget that when our leader were sleeping in jail, their leader, (Vinayak Damodar) Savarkar was writing letter begging for mercy from British. 

BJP demonetized the nation’s currency notes, the world said it was a disaster, a mistake. BJP never accepted the mistake.
Had it been the Congress, it would have admitted immediately that it was a mistake and worked to rectify it. We are human, we make mistakes but Modiji thinks he is a reincarnation of God, he can’t make mistakes.

BJP – will make a mistake but it will never accept that mistake. Modiji thinks he is a reincarnation of God, he can’t make mistakes.

Congress – If congress party makes a mistake, we would have accepted that mistake, tried to correct that mistake. We are human, humans make mistakes.

Indian Institution -
BJP, RSS wants every Indian Institution should work under RSS
Judiciary should work Under RSS
They want to finish all Institutions.

Congress party respects all Indian Institutions.

BJP and Amit Shah -  They (people) will accept a man accused of murder as the President of the BJP, but they will never ever accept the same in the Congress Party because they hold Congress in the highest regard.

The soil of India is stained with the blood of Congress men and women, while the BJP is the voice of an organization, the Congress is the voice of a nation,”

They (BJP) tell Muslims of India who never went to Pakistan and supported this great nation that you don’t belong here. They tell the Tamils, change your beautiful language, they tell people of north-east we don’t like what you eat, and tell women to dress properly,

RG said he wants to see the Congress party just like it was in the year 1947.
That time every leader was capable of becoming Prime Minister of India.

Rahul said there is gap, distance wall between Congress leaders and Congress workers, Rahul said he will brake that wall.
Congress workers will also get election tickets and Intelligent youth of India will get a chance to run this country.

Rahul said there is a wall between Indian Youth and Government administration, Indian Politics Rahul said he will brake that wall also.

You can steal Rs. 33,000 crore from the banks and the BJP government will protect you. Finance Minister will go silent because he and his daughter work for crony capitalists.

We gave tickets to Congress workers in Gujarat and Modiji was seen flying in seaplane. When we truly empower Congress workers, PM Modi will be seen in a submarine.

Rahul spoke about Rafale Deal and  Jay Amit Shah.

There are two visions before the world today - American and Chinese. My aim is to present an Indian vision to the world in 10 years.

Our vision will be full of love and everyone will say that this is the perfect method to do progress.

Press -
Today many times press write wrong things about Congress party but still we will protect them. We respect the freedom of Press.

The PM diverts our attention and jumps from one event to another from Gabbar Singh tax to yoga in Parliament but never talks about the issues. But, the Congress cannot be stopped from seeking the truth and justice.
GST – Gabbar Singh Tax - Congress President Rahul Gandhi taunted the Modi government over a recent World Bank report that labels GST as one of the highest and most complex taxes in the world. The World Bank says it's the 2nd HIGHEST in the WORLD and one of the MOST complex,"
 Promising a party overhaul, Rahul Gandhi says the dais is empty. It has been purposely kept empty, for the youth in the party, he says explaining why top guns in the party are not on dais, but sitting in the audience. He is going to change the organization he promises.
Rahul said with love elders in senior party will be won and respected and youth will get a chance.

With the above quotes and speech Rahul Gandhi started to take over and establish full control on Congress party,
Rahul Gandhi started a war with BJP with this speech.
Rahul Gandhi started his journey towards 2019 elections declaring that Congress will win 2019 elections.
Rahul Gandhi said that Congress party workers will also get election tickets.
The wall that stands between the Congress party leaders and a party workers is seen when someone drops down from a parachute and gets an election ticket while a hardworking party worker is told that no you don't have the money to get a party ticket. Some of you sitting here might not like what I am saying.
Rahul Gandhi accepted that Congress party made mistakes, did not live up to expectations of people and lost elections.
Rahul Gandhi hit a boundary with this speech but question is will he continue to do it day and night until 2019 elections.
RG will need to match the hard working level of PM Modi.
PM Modi and his team works 24/7  what they do ?
making plans how to win elections , defeat congress party and regional parties.

With this speech RG sent positive waves in congress party workers and politely told eleders that they will need to give space to younger generation.

On Sunday Congress party passed a resolution at its plenary session, authorizing party president Rahul Gandhi to choose members of the new working committee.
The Congress president will have to set up a new CWC in place of the steering committee which was formed after the working committee was dissolved by him.
The working committee will be established after the plenary session.

Good speech by Rahul Gandhi

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