14 February 2018

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Should SC of India accept PIL on making law on population control childbirth rights

Should SC of India accept PIL on making law on population control childbirth rights

Hindu reported that The Supreme Court may hear a plea to direct the Centre to give a “serious thought” to the rise in population and adopt the “two-child” policy norm in family planning.

Who filed the PIL in Supreme Court of India regarding family planning?
The PIL filed by activist Anupam Bajpai said couples who follow the policy should be rewarded with incentives, while those who violate the “norm” should be punished by withdrawal of government “facilities and concessions”.

Petition says that “The citizen should have a limit in giving birth only to the maximum of two children failing which the concerned person shall attract disqualification with respect to government facilities and other benefits being provided by the government to its citizens,"
It said, unless measures are taken to course-correct the mindset of the present generation, future generations may have to lead a miserable life.

"The rapid population growth and economic development in the country are degrading the environment through the uncontrolled growth of urbanization and industrialization, expansion and intensification of agriculture and destruction of the natural habitat.

"If the population of India continues to multiply with the existing rate, the impact on the environment could be devastating,"

The petition asked the court to direct the Centre to “motivate the people of this country” to follow the two-child policy norm.

Now question is Should Supreme Court of India accept such PIL?

No, it is not the duty of Supreme Court of India to order government of India to make this law and that law.

Duty of SC of India is to give meaning to laws and decide if law violates Constitutional provisions or not?

Law making is the duty of Government of India

If someone has a problem with something he or she should write a letter to Prime Minister of India or President of India.

Already hundreds of cases are pending in Indian courts, thus Supreme Court of India should not waste on such PILs

Even if No case is pending Supreme Court of India should not accept and hear such petitions as it is not duty of Supreme Court of India to make laws.

India is a secular and democratic nation. It is fundamental right of couple to decide one child or 10 children.

If government wants government can educate people of India regarding this but it is not possible to make a law and control Population of India.

Government has no right to decide how many kids a person wants, if someone wants he can have zero kids and if someone wants he can have 100 kids it is the desire of that couple.

Hope SC of India will reject this petition and order the person to write a letter to PM of India and not to waste valuable time of Indian Judiciary.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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