26 January 2018

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Padmavati Case the Biggest Failure of BJP Government in 2018

Padmavati Case the Biggest Failure of BJP Government in 2018

India is a secular and democratic nation. India is not a Hindu nation, if someone dreams that India will become legally a Hindu nation he or she is a fool person or a  organization.

Yes, indirectly India is going to become a Hindu nation and BJP has started that process and one of the episode and test was Karni Sena challenging Supreme Court of India, Police force of every state, Indian Arm forces.

We must salute to Karni Sena because of Karni Sena , 4 states banned the movie Padmavati indirectly.

What Karni Sena did was the act and actions of Terror organization like Taliban or ISIS.
There is no difference between actions done by Taliban or ISIS and Karni Sena all  are same.
All above organizations  create fear among the residents and elected people and because of fear they obey such organizations.

Karni Sena attacked school bus, burned buses and malls and threatened people. without any fear openly they did everything like a Taliban or ISIS organization.

We have seen 4 Chief Ministers obeyed Karni Sena and result movie got banned indirectly in those States.

If BJP government cannot handle Karni Sena I fear that if Pakistan or China will attack India now we will lose the War because of administration failures of BJP government.

Indian army officers are great they can defeat any army if they get a good leadership but today after Karni Sena episode one needs to doubt the administration capabilities of BJP government as BJP government surrendered before Karni Sena.

Still time has not gone BJP Government needs to ban Karni Sena and needs to book them under sedition law and ban the organization permanently.

Padmavati is movie, it got passed by censor board, after that Supreme Court of India cleared the movie Padmavati.

Because of fear of terror organization, the makers even change the name of movie Padmavati and made more than 300 cuts in movie.

From Padmavati case every modern 21st Century female needs to understand that if tomorrow any organization bans Jeans for females they will need to obey that order as BJP government will indirectly support them.

Wearing Jeans, Partying, staying outside of home after 7 pm or using mobile phone or wearing revealing clothes or western outfits everything is against the religion.

Now Every Indian female needs to think that to whom they are voting, are they destroying the future of unborn girl child by voting for religious parties or organizations or people.

we have seen BJP government is not capable to control Karni Sena, still they don’t have AK 47 in their hands without that 4 states of India obeyed Karni Sena indirectly

Today if you do not ban Karni Sena tomorrow no one knows what will happen

26th January 2018 is a great day for India and one has to fear about the future of Indian Democracy its very shameful for BJP Government.

Regarding handling of Karni Sena Case BJP government failed fully and many people think that BJP gave support to Karni Sena and Karni Sena did everything on the saying of BJP or RSS.

Don’t have proof against BJP or RSS so no one can directly blame them only it is a doubt as BJP government took no action on Karni Sena.

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Friday, January 26, 2018

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Kirtivasan Ganesan January 27, 2018  

Karni sena need to show restraints.
BJP at centre need to show authority in this case. And protect public property.
There are so many topics for films. Why take controversial topics is beyond me.