19 January 2018

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For Bullet Train Why 100% parts should be made by Japan companies

For Bullet Train Why 100% parts should be made by Japan companies
As per media reports Japanese steel and engineering companies are in the driver's seat to bag major supply contracts for a $17 billion Indian bullet train.

Japan is funding most of the project, and Japanese companies are likely to supply at least 70 percent of the core components of the rail line.

Why Japanese companies need to supply 100% parts?

Sometimes accidents happen, same is with Bullet Train Accidents may happen

Suppose in future accidents happen to Bullet Train in India, the Japanese companies will blame to Indian companies who will supply 30% parts to bullet train.

In such situation whatever you say or think, we have to trust only Japanese companies and must accept that accident happened only because of Indian spare parts used in Bullet train, as they were third class quality and corruption happened while supplying parts.

For statue making also in India, India uses steel from China, same way Japanese companies who will be building bullet train in India and who will be funding bullet train needs to insists that 100% bullet train will be Japanese made by Japan for the Indian citizens.

India needs to tell clearly to Japanese companies that open plants in India with 100% FDI allowed, this way Indians will get Jobs and Japanese companies will be able to maintain quality control.

Quality is important and there should be No compromise on that
Japanese companies should cancel the project if India tries to pressurize them regarding quality control or giving contracts to Indian companies without any safety and quality guarantee from Indian companies.

Make in India is not important, Make International quality products in India is important.

Make in India with third rate quality should be always avoided.

If possible India should delay the Bullet Train project as Indian consumers do not need Bullet Train, India needs good quality local trains.

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Friday, January 19, 2018

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Kirtivasan Ganesan January 19, 2018  

Totally agree with you here.
30 % Indian parts not ok. However 30% Chinese or Korean should be fine.