15 December 2017

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EVM machine with VVPAT Paper Trail A idea to fool Indian Voters

EVM machine with VVPAT Paper Trail A idea to fool Indian Voters

Gujarat became the second state after Goa to use the VVPAT system that allows the voting machine to dispense a paper to the voters, allowing them to verify if their vote has been cast correctly.

The Supreme Court on Friday rejected the Congress’ plea urging it to direct the Election Commission to verify at least 25% of the Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail, or VVPAT, with votes cast using the electronic voting machines in the Gujarat Assembly elections.

The SC told Congress lawyer that it can approach it again with a writ petition seeking electoral reforms.

Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Sanghvi said that the party would not only file a detailed petition as the court had instructed, but would also spearhead the discussion and debate on the matter.

As per media reports Poll Panel checks the paper trail in only one booth in a constituency
There are close to 300-400 booths in each constituency, and checking just one does not make sense.

The Supreme Court said that it found no merit in the party’s plea, and that it cannot override the Election Commission’s complete discretion to conduct elections

To remove the fear of EVM manipulation from the heart and mind of voters Election commission of India said that paper trail in the shape of VVPAT were being used in Gujarat.

Now Election commission of India says paper trail in VVPATS will not be counted

Then what is the use of VVPATS

Just it became a great idea to fool Indian citizens.

Only God knows now your vote for congress went to BJP or other party.

What's the use of VVPATS then?
Just to fool Indian voters.

Do I trust EVM machine?
I do not trust EVM machine, it can get hacked.

Do I trust EVM machine with VVPAT paper trail?
Yes, it makes hacking difficult, only trust if both are EVM votes and VVPAT are counted and matched 100%

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Friday, December 15, 2017

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