31 October 2017

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Explained Why 1857 Mutiny is the First War of Independence for India

Explained Why 1857 Mutiny is the First War of Independence for India

A debate on the first war of independence was triggered off after Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar's recent announcement that 'Paika Bidroha' of 1817 would find a place in the history books as 'the First War of Independence' from the next academic session.

Now we must ask question Is It Possible to Fix the date of first war of independence for India?
No, it is not possible to fix the date of First war of Independence for India but we can say 1857 Mutiny started the Independence War.

India and Pakistan both took birth in year 1947.
India and Pakistan both were  part of small  princely states which were ruled by British Raj
because of Great Former PM Indira Gandhi and Indian Arm Forces Pakistan got divided.

Before India became Independent there were many small Indian states who fought among themselves to expand their state borders.

Mughals also fought among themselves for expansion of their own kingdoms

After Arrival of East India Company the process of formation of One India started.

I do not think before that anyone thought about forming a one nation, what they did was nothing but the expansion of their state boundaries, even one king lost then also loyalties of the people of that state remained with the family of kings who got defeated.

Few examples –

God of Maharashtra King Shivaji fought with his own people he defeated them, became king and fought with other neighbor kings and when he needed funds he even raided Gujarat

Today this will not happen in India one state will not attack another state, willingly one state will help other state in need of crisis, that is One India One Soul

Great King Tipu Sultan wanted to unite with Maratha Kingdom to defeat British but he failed when Great King Tipu Sultan needed help against British no one came forward to help king Tipu Sultan.

Today in India we always hear the news that a Soldier from Maharashtra or Punjab or Gujarat died fighting terrorist in Jammu and Kashmir or somewhere on Indian Borders.

This never happened in India before the East India company rule

In Past Every state got their own rules, laws and coins everything depended on the mood and wish of the King of that kingdom.

East India company came to India, they saw the opportunity and slowly started to take control of small Indian states using all types of tricks.

Slowly East India company kept expanding their rule over small kingdoms using Intelligence, war science and tricks and one time came when whole of India came under the rule of East India company and later British queen took over the Indian control from East India company.

East India company started process of United India and British Raj continued with that making same laws, same coins, same system everywhere.

British Raj gave Indians the codified laws, excellent laws which we failed to modify, amend time to time as per changing times.

Once British Raj got full control of India they started brought systematic education system in India like Presence in classroom, examinations and civil servant Jobs.

This process started the developing thoughts among Indians about one India and One Soul under British Raj they already created One India and just what we needed was One Soul and Under leadership of Gandhi, Bose, Nehru, Patel and Bhagat Singh and millions of Indians who fought with British as they could they gave us the One Soul to fight and die for our country that is India

The British government took away the East India Company's monopoly over India in 1813,
After 1834 company worked as the government's agency until the 1857 India Mutiny when the Colonial Office took full control.

By 1803, at the height of its rule in India, the British East India company had a private army of about 260,000—twice the size of the British Army.

The company eventually came to rule large areas of India with its private armies, exercising military power and assuming administrative functions.

Company rule in India effectively began in 1757 and lasted until 1858, when, following the Indian Rebellion of 1857, the Government of India Act 1858 led to the British Crown's assuming direct control of the Indian subcontinent in the form of the new British Raj which included India and Pakistan.

The English Education Act by the Council of India in 1835 reallocated funds from the East India Company to spend on education and literature in India.

Year 1858 Important Events –
Bahadur Shah Zafar, the Last Mogul, is proclaimed as Emperor.
The Mutiny is crushed and the Last Mogul Emperor is disposed.
The Revolt is crushed ruthlessly.
End of the East India company rule in India.
End of Mogul rule in India
British Crown takes over India, beginning of the Great British Raj.

Year 1869 October 2 – Mahatma Gandhi born in Porbandar

1877 - Queen Victoria becomes the Empress of India

1885 -     Indian National Congress is formed which fought for the Indian Independence for One India and One Soul

In short
Small states, different kings and rules, Mughal Rule, Maratha Rule Finally East India company rule and later queen took over the full control of India from company.
Under company rule Indian residents started feel that we Indians need our own nation one nation and one soul before this never happened.

In 1947, also few Indian states kingdoms were not ready to become part of India but because of intelligence of Nehru and Patel they became the part of India.

From this one can realize the importance of One India and One Soul

One soul means whenever any bad event happens in any part of India every Indian citizen feels the pain of other Indians irrespective of state, religion, caste even Muslims also feel the pain, in such moment everyone becomes willingly ready to sacrifice his life for the nation.

1947 – India got Independence.

When the residents of India first got the feeling of one India and one soul?

As per my knowledge and understanding that oneness feeling, one India, One Independent India developed only after when East India company took the full control of India and later British queen.

This is the reason it is very difficult to fix a date or first war of independence for India.

Because of 1857 mutiny East India company lost the control of India and British queen took the charge, control of India.

This is the reason 1857 mutiny is the First War of Independence for India as East India company was formed because of the Royal charter.

1857 Sepoy Mutiny is the first war of Indian Independence.
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