08 October 2017

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A reality in India Girl 24 Year also gets treated like Child by Judiciary

A reality in India Girl 24 Year also gets treated like Child by Judiciary

India is not a Hindu Nation.
India is secular and democratic nation which follows democracy

We must accept that there is nothing called as a Love Jihad.

Love Jihad it is a foolish Idea and Foolish concept using which few organizations want to stop Hindu boys and girls marrying Muslim girls and boys.

Just like Hindu religion Islam is also great and if someone does comparative study of Hindu that is Sanatan Dharma and Islam few people will find Islam is more superior.

As per Indian law every citizen who turns 18-year-old has a right to vote.

A Female who is above 18-year-old has a legal right to marry whom she ever wants even she can marry a terrorist if she falls in love with him.

In a judgment rendered on 25 May this year, a Division Bench of Kerala High Court had called Akhila Ashokan (24) that is Hadiya  , her marriage a “sham”, and had annulled it, directing her return to the protective custody of her Hindu parents.
The Bench comprising Justice Surendra Mohan and Justice Abraham Mathew had made some controversial observations like: “a girl aged 24 years is weak and vulnerable, capable of being exploited in many ways” and “her marriage being the most important decision in her life, can also be taken only with the active involvement of her parents”.
Hadiya’s husband had then filed a Special Leave Petition before the Supreme Court, challenging this decision.

Law and Judiciary has no right to annul or cancel the legal marriage of a female who married terrorist who is above 18 years old.

The Hindu girl who married outside her religion has her own legal rights, parents and judiciary have no right to cancel or annul the marriage of Hindu Girl who marries outside Hindu Religion giving the childish and foolish reasons saying girl is child, girl is innocent etc.

When Judiciary cancels, the marriage giving reason like a girl is child or innocent clearly shows that Judiciary has forgot the rights of Individual rights.

Once a boy or girl turns 18 every parent has a legal right to kick the son or daughter outside of their home without paying anything.
Same way every boy and girl has a right to do whatever he wants to do including marriage result it may happen that for disobeying parent he or she may have to leave his parents’ home and he or she may not get a share in parent’s property depends on will.

Judiciary should never cross this legal boundary let the boy or girl enjoy his legal rights.

Akhila Ashokan (24), a homeopathy doctor converted to Islam and took the name of Hadiya and married a Muslim youth Shefin Jahan from Kollam in south Kerala.

Her father had approached the Kerala high court in May claiming his daughter was indoctrinated and forcibly converted.

Later, the HC annulled the marriage and sent Hadiya to her father’s custody in Vaikkom, a small town 200 kms north of Thiruvananthapuram.

The action and orders of the Honorable Kerala High Court were fully wrong, 100% wrong.

On October 3, 2017, Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra questioned the Kerala high court order annulling the marriage after an appeal by Shefin Jahan.

Supreme Court of India needs to restore the marriage of Shefin Jahan and after that if Hadiya wants she can divorce her husband using Islamic divorce provisions given by Islam to her.
As she has converted to Islam prior to marriage.

One needs to read Islamic books Islam never teaches anyone to become a terrorist.
Only Fool people join terror organizations and are defaming Islam.

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

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