25 September 2017

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What is the meaning of Windows 10 Version Numbers

What is the meaning of Windows 10 Version Numbers

Windows as a service is a new concept, introduced with the release of Windows 10. Some new terms have been introduced as part of Windows as a service, so you should know what these terms mean.

Feature updates will be released twice per year, around March and September. As the name suggests, these will add new features to Windows 10, delivered in bite-sized chunks compared to the previous practice of Windows releases every 3-5 years.

Quality updates are released monthly, delivering both security and non-security fixes. These are cumulative, so installing the latest quality update is sufficient to get all the available fixes for a specific Windows 10 feature update.

Insider Preview builds are made available during the development of the features that will be shipped in the next feature update, enabling organizations to validate new features as well as compatibility with existing apps and infrastructure, providing feedback to Microsoft on any issues encountered.

Servicing channels allow organizations to choose when to deploy new features.

The Semi-Annual Channel receives feature updates twice per year.

The Long-Term Servicing Channel, which is designed to be used only for specialized devices (which typically don't run Office) such as those that control medical equipment or ATM machines, receives new feature releases about every three years.

Deployment rings are groups of devices used to initially pilot, and then to broadly deploy, each feature update in an organization.

Current Microsoft policy is to ship two major Windows updates every year, and now we have the first confirmation that this is indeed the plan, with the RTM build to be compiled as version 1709.

What is the meaning of version numbers given to Windows 10 Build?

Microsoft is giving version numbers to Windows 10 builds that represent the compiling year and month, with Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
First two digits represent the year, while the other two the month,
Example, -
version 1607 – the first two digits represent the year, while the other two the month,
16-compiling Year
so, the Anniversary Update was compiled in July 2016.

Windows 10 version 1709
17-compiling year

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