17 September 2017

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Know the Privileges Perks of Indian Air Force Marshal

Know the Privileges Perks of Indian Air Force Marshal

Field marshal is a five–star general officer rank and the highest attainable rank in the Indian Army. Field marshal is ranked immediately above general, but not exercised in the regular army structure. It is a largely ceremonial or wartime rank, having been awarded only twice.

A field marshal's insignia consists of the national emblem over a crossed baton and sabre in a lotus blossom wreath.

Field marshal is equivalent to an admiral of the fleet in the Indian Navy or a marshal of the air force in the Indian Air Force.

In the navy, admiral of the fleet has never been awarded

From Air Force Arjan Singh was promoted to the Marshal of the air force.

Indian Army - Sam Manekshaw was the first field marshal of India, and was conferred the rank in January 1973. The second was Kodandera M. Cariappa, who was conferred the rank on 14 January 1986.

India won 1973 war because of Sam Manekshaw and Indira Gandhi.
Sam wanted full support and faith from PM and Indira Gandhi gave him and result India won the war.

Indian Army - The second individual to be conferred the rank was Kodandera M. Cariappa, the first Indian to serve as the commander–in–chief of the Indian Army.
Kodandera M. Cariappa retired in 1953.
Field Marshal never retires , therefor retired officers cannot be given the rank of Field Marshal.
But as a token of gratitude for the exemplary service rendered by him to the nation, the Government of India overruled the pre-established criteria, and conferred the rank of field marshal on him on 28 April 1986 at a special investiture ceremony held at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Indian Air Force – Arjan Singh was promoted to the Marshal of the Air Force.

What the Marshal of the IAF is entitled to?

What the Marshal of the IAF is entitled to?

The following are the salary, perks and privileges of the Marshal of the Indian Air Force:

1 - Apart from the pension of Air Chief Marshal, he is entitled an additional salary of Rs 4,500 per month.

2- He can wear the uniform of the Marshal of the Air Force and can fly a five-star flag.

3 -He is entitled to a ceremonial Guard of Honor, Liaison Officer and outriders and accommodation during his visits to Indian Air Force installations.

4 -He is entitled to an office and secretarial staff.

5 -Although he has no operational role, he serves in an advisory capacity.

6 -On his death, he is entitled full military honors for funeral.

7 -On ceremonial occasions, he is senior to all bureaucratic appointments.

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