26 September 2017

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India List of 71 Books Banned in India

India List of 71 Books Banned in India

Book reading is and should be a Fundamental Right of every human being still books gets banned in all nations giving one or another reason.

Books are still banned throughout the world. Nowhere in the world can everything be published, although the prohibitions vary from one country to another:
Examples –
Hate Speech may get banned in Sweden but it may not get banned USA or UK
USA or UK only child pornography is banned
Hitler’s Mein Kamph was banned in Germany and Austria but is not banned in India
Many top politicians in India love Adolf Hitler and his policies

In the United States, books have been and still are banned by school and public libraries, despite the opposition of the American Library Association to book bans.

What is the second name of India if anyone will ask me I will say Nation of bans No one reads the books or watches the movie, did not like one line of book, stage agitation and government will ban that book or movie.

Ancient India was very free, it was so free that No Modern Nation can match the freedoms enjoyed by the Ancient Indian People.
Example –
1-Debates on religious topics
2-Art nude females on temples
3-Kings were told the truth about their misdeeds in openly but they did not jail them or murdered them.

But Today in India what happens give a little reason, do protests , file a case in court of law  and books get banned.
Universities and colleges cancel the lectures of intelligent people just fearing the organization of political parties. These organizations are free to do anything.

Banning anything just shows that the country is not a fully liberal or Democratic nation.
If politicians want to ban a book or movie they can put restrictions like age, only above age 21 can read this book etc.
Why age because many books contain sexual descriptions or fantasies or concept which minor boys and girls won’t understand properly.

But in era of Internet when everything is available on mobile phone with a click of button banning sexual content will not serve any purpose it will be waste of time and ban will just encourage young kids to read those banned books.

Below is the list of Books Banned in India

Year –1910
Name of book – Aaril Oru Pangu
Writer – Subramania Bharati
Info about book – Bharati himself published it first Tamil story in Tamil – Cost 3 Anas

Year – 1924
Name of book – Rangila Rasul
Writer – not known Anonymous
Info about book – Topic – Prophet Muhammad and his relationship with women
The publisher Raj Pal was charged under 153A of the Indian Penal Code for hate speech by Punjab Government.
May 1927 – Court declared that law does not prohibit satirical writings about the deceased and the publisher was acquitted with warning.
April 6, 1929 the published was murdered and the Muslim accused Ilm-Ud-Din was caught and was sentenced to death and the sentenced was carried out on October 31, 1929.

Year – 1934
Name of book – Hindu Heaven
Writer – Max Wylie
Info about book -The novel questions the work of American missionaries in India, dealt with harsh effects of the climate on the missionaries

Year –1933
Name of book – Angaray
Writer – stories by Sajjad Zaheer, Ahmed Ali, Rashid Jahan, and Mahmuduz Zafar
Info about book – The book got banned after Muslims Protested

Year – 1936
Name of book – The Face of Mother India
Writer – Katherine Mayo
Info about book – The illustrated book was famously called that report of a drain Inspector by Mahatma Gandhi.

Year – 1936
Name of book – Old Soldier Sahib
Writer – Frank Richards
Info about book – The book is a memoir of the authors time in British India as a veteran soldier

Year – The Land of Lingam
Name of book – Arthur Miles
Writer – Arthur Miles
Info about book – The book is about Hinduism, caste and Phallicism

Year – 1940
Name of book – Mysterious India
Writer – Moki Singh
Info about book -

Year –
Name of book –
Writer –
Info about book -

Year –1945
Name of book – The scented Garden Anthropology of the sex life in the levant
Writer –
Info about book – This book is about sexual practices and marriage rites of the people of Middel East.

Year – 1950
Name of book – Pakistan Pasmanzarwa Peshmanzar
Writer – Hameed Anwar
Info about book – language Urdu

Year – 1950
Name of book – Cease-Fire
Writer – Agha Babar
Info about book - language Urdu

Year –1952
Name of book – Chadramohini
Writer –
Info about book - language Urdu

Year –1950
Name of book – Khak aur khoon
Writer – Nussemi Hajazi
Info about book - language Urdu

Year – 1952
Name of book – Marka-e-Somnath
Writer – Maulana Muhammad Sadiq Hussain,
Info about book - language Urdu

Year –1954
Name of book –Bhupat Singh
Writer – Kaluwant Ravatwank
Info about book – Language Gujarati

Year – 1954
Name of book – What has religion done for Mankind
Writer –
Info about book -Publisher – Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society

Year –1955
Name of book – Rama Retold
Writer – Aubrey Menen
Info about book – spoof of the Ramayana, the American editions were simply called the Ramayana

Year – 1955
Name of book – Dark Urge
Writer – Robert W Taylor
Info about book -

Year – 1958
Name of book – Captive Kashmir
Writer – Aziz Beg
Info about book –

Year – 1959
Name of book – The Heart of India
Writer – Alexander Campbell
Info about book – Campbell was Time Magazines New Delhi correspondent. The book is a humorous account of Indian bureaucracy and economic policies

Year – 1960
Name of book – The Lotus and The Robot
Writer – Arthur Koestler
Info about book – The book contains authors experiences in India and Japan the book is highly critical of the cultures of both nations. The book was banned for its negative portrayal of Gandhi

Year – 1962
Name of book – Nine Hours to Rama
Writer – Stanley Wolpert
Info about book – The book and movie based on the both were banned in India. The book was thought to be justifying the actions of Nathuram Godse who murdered Gandhi. The book also points to the lapse in security.

Year – 1963
Name of book – Nepal
Writer – Toni Hagen
Info about book -

Year – 1963
Name of book – Ayesha
Writer – Kurt Frischler
Info about book – The original German title was Aischa-Mohammeds Lieblingfrau meaning Aischa Mohammeds Favorite Wife

Year – 1963
Name of book – Unarmed Victory
Writer – Bertrand Russell
Info about book – The book dealt with the Sino-Indian war which India lost

Year – 1964
Name of book – An area of darkness
Writer – V.S. Naipaul
Info about book – Negative portrayal of India and its people

Year – 968
Name of book – The Jewel in the Lotus
Writer – Allen Edwardes
Info about book – Allen Edwardes was the pen name of a scholar who wrote on Middle Ease and Oriental Erotica.

Year – 1969
Name of book – The evolution of British empire and commonwealth from American Revolution
Writer – Alfred LeRoy Burt
Info about book –

Year – 1969
Name of book – A struggle between two lines over the question of how to deal with US Imprialism
Writer – Hsiu-chu-Fan
Info about book -

Year – 1970
Name of book – Man from Moscow
Writer – Greville Wynne
Info about book -Wynne was a courier of the British secret Intelligence Service MI6.
The book is about his involvement with Oleg Penkovsky.

Year – 1975
Name of book – Early Islam
Writer – Desmond Stewart
Info about book – Reason to Ban – Factual Errors

Year – 1975
Name of book – Nehru A Political Biography
Writer – Michael Edwards
Info about book - Reason to Ban – Factual Errors

Year – 1976
Name of book – India Independent
Writer – Charles Bettelhemim
Info about book – Reason to ban – critizies policies of Indian government    

Year – 1978
Name of book – Chinas Foreign Relations since 1949
Writer – Alan Lawrence
Info about book -

Year –
Name of book – The Reminiscence of the Nehru Age
Writer – Mo Mathai
Info about book – About Nehru Personality times

Year –  1979
Name of book –  who killed Gandhi
Writer – Lourenco De Salvador
Info about book – considered inflammatory

Year – 1983
Name of book – The price of power Kissinger and Nixon in white house
Writer – Seymour Hersh
Info about book -  Morarji Desai to be CIA informer book claimed he received 20,000$ per year

Year –1984
Name of book – Smash and Grab Annexation of Sikkim
Writer – Sunanda k Datta Ray
Info about book – Briefly banned for defamation and then released

Year – 1988
Name of book – The Satanic Verses
Writer – Salman Rushdie
Info about book – India was the first country to ban this book after Muslim Protest

Year – 1989
Name of book – Soft target how Indian Intelligence service penetrated Canada
Writer –  Zuhair Kashmeri and Brian Mcandrew
Info about book – The book claims that the Indian intelligence agencies penetrated the Canadian Sikh Community, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canadian Security Intelligence service to discredit the demand for a separate Sikh State.

Year – 1991
Name of book – Understanding Islam Through Hadis
Writer – Ram Swarup
Info about book -banned for criticizing political Islam

Year – 1995
Name of book – The Moors Last Sigh
Writer – Salman Rushdie
Info about book – Unofficial banned, character resembling Bala Saheb Thackeray leader of the right-wing party Shiv Sena, story contained a dog named Jawaharlal, Publishers Rupa and Co. were asked to stop selling the book, but they approached the SC and SC declared the ban unconstitutional in February 1996, but sellers did not sell the book in Maharashtra because of fear of Vandalism

Year – 2005
Name of book – The True Furqan
Writer – AI Saffe AI Mahdee
Info about book – Mocking Islam

Year – 2014
Name of book – Santsurya Tukaram and Loksakha Dnyaneshwar
Writer – Anand Yadav
Info about book – derogatory to Tukaram and Dnyaneshwar

Year – 2001
Name of book – Bhavsagar Granth
Writer – Followers of Baba Bhaniara
Info about book – Punjab government banned it reason – against Sikh Faith. November 2008 SC overturned ban but again book was banned on December 15, 2008

Year –  1997
Name of book – The God of small things
Writer – Arundhati Roy
Info about book – one chapter contains Obscene Scenes

Year – 1998
Name of book – The Polyester Prince the Rise of Dhirubhai Ambani
Writer – Hamish Mcdonald
Info about book – This unofficial biography of Dhirubhai Ambani never went to print because Harper Collins feared the legal action.

Year – 2000
Name of book – Towards Freedom
Writer – Sumit Sarkar and K.N. Panikkar
Info about book – the Project was halted by the Indian Council of Historical Research in early 2000 allegedly because it showed Hindu Mahasabha in a badlight. The Project was revived in 2004

Year – 2001
Name of book – Holy Cow in Indian Dietary Traditions, the book is also known as the Myth of the Holy Cow.
Writer – Dwijendra Narayan Jha
Info about book – VHP stated insult to Hindus, book states Beef was eaten by ancient Indians.

Year – 2002
Name of book – Five Past Midnight Bhopal
Writer – Dominique Lapierre and Javier Moro
Info about book – Dramatized account of Bhopal Disaster. Defamation Suit filed, book banned, ban revoked later

Year – 2008
Name of book – The Lives of Sri Aurobindo
Writer – Peter Heehs
Info about book – Defamatory, against Sri Aurobindo character

Year – 2010
Name of book – The Red Sari E Sari Rojo
Writer – Javier Moro
Info about book –First Published in Spanish in 2010 novel based on Sonia Gandhi briefly banned but book was released in 2015

Year – 2010
Name of book – Such a long Journey
Writer – Rohinton Mistry
Info about book – The book was nominated for Booker, October 4, 2010 book was removed from the Bachelor of Arts English syllabus of the Bombay University after Bharatiya Vidyarthi Sena, the student wing of the Shiv Sena Protested, the book allegedly contained anti shiv sena passages, the protests were led by the Aditya Thackeray.

Year – 2013
Name of book – Dhundi
Writer – Yogesh Master
Info about book – The author of the Kannada novel was arrested on August 29, 2017 after several many Hindu organization accused the book containing objectional material against God Ganesha. The author was charged under section 295A 298 of IPC.

Year – 2014
Name of book – Sahara the untold Story
Writer – Tamal Bandyopadhyay
Info about book – defamation stay order then both parties compromised and book was published.

Year – 2014
Name of book – The Descent of Air India
Writer – Jitendra Bhargava
Info about book – defamation case filed the publisher Bloomsbury India agreed to withdraw all copies of the book after former Aviation Minister Praful Patel filed a defamation suit in Mumbai court, the publisher issued a public apology

Year – 2015
Name of book – Madhorubhagan, English name one part woman
Writer – Perumal Murugan
Info about book – Hindu Groups protested book, reason – depicted Hindu females in bad light

Year – 2015
Name of book – Korkai
Writer – Joe D cruz
Info about book –  portrayed fishermen, Christianity priests and nuns in bad light

Year – 2017
Name of book – 22s Diary
Writer – P Maitresse
Info about book – sexual content

The Hindus: An Alternative History by Wendy Doniger

Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence by Jaswant Singh

Lajja by Taslima Nasreen

Mother India –
Year - 1928
Author -Katherine Mayo

Shivaji: Hindu King in Islamic India by James Laine

 Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle With India
by Joseph Lelyveld

 The Great Soul
Joseph Lelyveld, the Pulitzer Prize winner and former executive editor  of The New York Times penned a biography, "The Great Soul", inspired by  Gandhi's life in India and South Africa

Riddles of Hinduism by Bhimrao Ambedkar
The state decided initially to suspend the  publication of Ambedkar’s collected works, but later relented, with a  caveat saying that the government did not agree with all of Ambedkar’s  views.

"Lady Chatterley's Lover" by D.H. Lawrence
Reason to ban - obscene 
But book is available in India.

Islam: A Concept of Political World Invasion, R.V. Bhasin
Year 2007 – Maharashtra

Reality views by sm –

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