13 September 2017

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Farmers Loan Waiver Uttar Pradesh makes World Record

Farmers Loan Waiver Uttar Pradesh makes World Record
Before Uttar Pradesh elections BJP promised loan waiver to farmers in UP.
And BJP won elections. After that Uttar Pradesh government headed by chief minister Yogi Adityanath follows up on its poll promise of waving farm loans up to Rs 1 lakh to ease agriculture distress in the state’s rural hinterland.

Before elections Prime Minister Narendra Modi also promised loan waiver to farmers.

As per media reports Ishwar Dayal, a marginal farmer of Bhartana in Etawah of Uttar Pradesh, was in for a shock when he was handed over by district officials a certificate saying his outstanding farm loan amounting to 19 paise has been waived.

Rama Nand got Rs 1.79 that he owed to the bank waived, while the certificate that Munni Lal Bholi got stated that his outstanding loan of Rs 2 had been waived.

On Sunday, some farmers at Hamirpur had loans waived from Rs 10 to Rs 215. The next day, it was the turn of many farmers in Etawah to be taken aback.

At a programme on Monday, some 7,000 farmers were handed over certificates notifying the amount of their loans waived. According to official data, some 50 farmers got less than Rs 100 of their outstanding loans waived while the benefit for 200 of them was less than Rs 1,000 each.

“I was shocked to see the certificate of waiver of Rs 10.37 given to me in Hamirpur. I fall in the category of small and marginal farmer... I was expecting that the government would clear Rs 1 lakh against my outstanding of Rs 1.55 lakh on Kisan credit card,” said Munni Lal of Maudaha.

Never heard that Government waiving loan of Farmers in Cents or less than 1/4th of USA Dollar.

Its world record even Gunnies Book of World Record needs to look into this loan Waiver of farmers.

Its world Record by BJP UP government

Once again this has shown that BJP government is not farmer friendly party.
Farmers need their own political party in India

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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rudraprayaga September 13, 2017  

Why to Mick at the farmers like this?