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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode The story so far

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode The story so far
Game of Thrones Season 7 In Short Recap Season 1 to 6

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss.

Game of Thrones is broadcast by HBO in the United States and by its local subsidiaries or other pay television services in other countries, at the same time as in the U.S. or later time date and time.

The series' broadcast in China on CCTV.
Game of thrones is seen in India, Australia, China, Canada, Latin America, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Ireland and Europe.
Many countries Censor the series because of sexual scenes or violence because of Censorship rules.

In 2015, the fifth season was simulcast to 170 countries and to HBO Now users

In 2015, Guinness World Records called Game of Thrones the most-pirated television program.

Game of Thrones [ GOT] is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novels, the first of which is A Game of Thrones.

The first two seasons adapted one novel each.

For the later seasons, its creators see Game of Thrones as an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire than the individual novels this enables them to move events across novels, according to screen-adaptation requirements.

Beginning on January 23, 2015, the last two episodes of season four were shown in 205 IMAX theaters across the United States Game of Thrones is the first TV series shown in this format. The show earned $686,000 at the box office on its opening day and $1.5 million during its opening weekend; the week-long release grossed $1,896,092.

Currently Game of Thrones is the number 1 serial in the world now if you are planning to watch season 7 below is the Recap of season 1 to season 6 in short after reading this it will become very easy to enjoy Game of Thrones season 7

According to the file-sharing news website TorrentFreak, Game of Thrones has been the most-pirated TV series each year since 2012. Illegal downloads increased to about seven million in the first quarter of 2015, up 45 percent from 2014. An unnamed episode was downloaded about 4,280,000 times through public BitTorrent trackers in 2012, roughly equal to its number of broadcast viewers.

According to TorrentFreak, a subscription to a service for Game of Thrones would cost up to $25 per month in the United States, up to £26 per episode in the UK and up to $52 per episode in Australia.

Game of Thrones is a fight between different Nobel families where king and queens die for the Iron Throne.  The story is about power, greed, status, friendship, sexual relationships and magic.

King Robert Baratheon rules from the capital kings landing but his days are numbered to be king in Westeros to be king, you sit on the Iron Throne in Kings Landing and you rule over the Seven Kingdoms.

Robert Baratheon marries Cersei Lannister only because of her family’s military power to hold his kingdom together.
In beginning Cersei loves the Robert like anything she was fully love with Robert but King Robert is almost abusive towards her and majority times drunk.

The couple have three golden haired children to their name
1-Joffery Baratheon
2- Myrcella Baratheon
3-Tommen Baratheon

Queen Cersei keeps one secret from King Robert that the children are not his.

King Robert asked his old friend and ally Ned Stark to help him rule the seven kingdoms.

Ned and his wife Catelyn governed the North fiercely loyal to the Crown.

Stark Family = Loyalty, Integrity, Honesty, Bravery

The couple Ned and Catelyn have 5 children, three sons and two daughters.
1-Robb Stark
2-Sansa Stark
3-Arya Stark
4-Bran Stark
5-Rickon Stark

And Neds one son out of wedlock Jon Snow.
The kids born without marriage are called as Bastard.
Thus, Bastard Jon Snow.

Lannister family comes to meet stark family.

Brian stark one day climbs and go to the top of a tower and discovers the Lannister’s deeper dark secret, the secret is the Cersei the queen is actually in love with her own real brother Jaime Lannister, Brian sees both of them having sex.

Incest in Westeros is generally frowned upon it also means that King Roberts children are not actually his children.

Greatest Swordsman in Westeros Jaime and his sister queen Cersei both know that if incest is discovered, he and his sister and their three children will get killed.
To keep the secret Jaime pushes the Brian from tower window and expects that Brian Stark will die. But Brian falls and goes into Coma and later he wakes up with no memory of how he fell or what he saw the Royal secret is safe

King Ned leaves with King Robert with his daughters Sansa and Arya with him.
Now the new duty of the King Ned is to protect King Robert and his rule.

The Tigaryen Family –
They were dethroned by the king Robert in the last war and the only surviving members of the family are brother and sister called Viserys and danerys the siblings are the children of the Mad king who was killed in war
Viserys dominates his innocent younger sister
Viserys has more than a touch of the Targaryen madness.
Viserys wants to take back his father’s Kingdom, for that he is ready to do anything.
To get army, Viserys makes a pact with a savage tribe the Dothraki offering his beautiful innocent young sister in marriage to their leader Khal Drogo.
She is the only bargaining chip he has. He doesn’t have any wealth or leadership qualities.
He does not have any army but he got beautiful sister who he can trade to a horse lord

But his plan backfires after marriage with a deadly horse Lord Khal Drogo.
Daenerys and Khal Drogo fall in love and become power couple.
And she understands the meaning of becoming wife of Drago, the army of 40,000 starts to obey her, respect her and becomes ready to die for their queen Daenerys drogo.

Viserys threatens to Drogo and his sister the wife of Drogo that he will take her back if he does not get army. Initially Drogo ignores him but when he saws how he behaves with his wife and his intentions he decides to kill Viserya.

Queen Daenerys says to his brother Viserya – Drogo says yes you shall have a golden crown.
Drogo kills the Viserya by pouring liquid Gold on his head.

From Innocent Daenerys, she becomes deadly but loving and caring Khaleesi.

The wife of tribe is called as Khaleesi and she becomes the true Khaleesi by learning everything from other females.

The wall –
Northernmost border
Past rulers build a giant wall of ice to keep up wild things beyond it is protected by the legendary Nights Watch.
Nights watch are a small army who guard, protect the northern border of the country.
To avoid death punishment males, join Nights Watch.
Because of rules of Night Watch.

In season one we see that dangerous creatures appearing north of the wall that nobody has seen for thousands of years and on one wants to believe that they are there the White Walker.

In first season Jon Snow Joins Nights Watch who in future is going to control the Night Watch.

Nobody knows who is the mother of Jon Snow.

Ned Starks daughter Sansa Stark falls in love with the Prince Joffery, she dreams of marrying future king Joffery.
But Ned Stark discovers that Queen and her brother are lovers and the tells the queen Cersei to leave the kingdom with her children.
Reason – Ned does not want to kill them he fears that King will order him to kill them.

But King Robert gets killed in a hunting trip before knowing the truth and Joffrey becomes the King.

Ned is tried for treason and he confesses believing it will save his daughters but he misjudges the new king Joffrey.

Ned does not understand the politics played by the people living in kings landing.

King Joffrey orders to cut the head of Ned and murders him before his daughters Sansa and Arya Stark.

Arya Stark is taken away by a Nights Watch Brother loyal to Ned leaving Sansa at the mercy of King Joffrey.

The son of Ned, Robb Stark decides to take revenge of murder of his father and becomes Lord of Winterfell

This starts the war between House Lannister and Stark family.

House Lannister is led by Tywin Lannister
Tywin Lannister is one of the great warriors the father of twins Cersei Lannister and Jaime Lannister.
Tywin Lannister also got another son he despises Tyrion Known as the Imp.

Queen Daenerys loses her husband Drogo but she gets new powers, she walks into Karl Drogos funeral pyre with three fossilized dragon’s eggs, the last remaining property of her family.

Season one ends with the sight of Daenerys emerging from a fire unscathed with her three dragons hatched she becomes the mother of three deadly dragons

Season 2 –
These dragons grow in season two.

Kings Landing – King Joffrey becomes a very cruel king. He brutalizes his subjects as well as his bride to be Sansa Stark.
Joffrey makes her prisoner because of her brothers increasing power

Queen Cersei realizes that Joffrey is not capable to rule the seven kingdoms and he is getting out of her control.

Stannis Baratheon the brother of late king Robert Baratheon believes that he is the legal heir of Iron Throne. Stannis knows the truth that Roberts children are Lannister bastards which means that it is Stannis who is next in line sustainers Baratheon.
He sends Raven out to all the corners of the Seven kingdoms letting them know the Lannister secret to claim the throne.

Stannis enlists the Red Priestess Melisandre who was on her own mission to find the right ruler for Westeros. She believes Stannis is the savior of the world and he should sit on the Iron Throne and her magical powers have no limits.

But Stannis Baratheon also got younger brother Renly Baratheon who also believes he has a claim on Iron Throne so war is inevitable between brothers.

Using magical powers of Red Priestess Stannis murders his younger brother Renly Baratheon.
Shadow murders Renly Baratheon.
When Renly is murdered, he leaves behind his widow Margaery Tyrell who belongs to the Tyrell family who were very rich and powerful in their own

Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen starts to control dragons and starts to make plans using which she can take back the Iron Throne which belonged to her father.
She wants to become a good ruler not like her father a Mad King.

As news of her dragons spreads few people plan to steal her dragons from her and make her powerless.

1st time in season two we see that how dragons love Daenerys and kill people to save her.

Night watch and the wall –
The wall protectors Night watch realizes that army of the dead is on its way to the wall.
They realize that White Walkers are real.

Kings Landing -
Stannis attacks on the city
Battle of Blackwater is the moment of Tyrion Lannister first time he gets opportunity to show his brilliance, he gives great speech encourages everyone in the city to fight to save the city and their freedom.
But Tyrion falls but his father arrives with Lannister army and defeats Stannis.

With this season two ends.

Season three game of thrones –

The power of Daenerys has increased and she decides to build her own army to take back her Iron throne.  She knows that best warriors are Unsullied that is slaves.

She plans to trade one dragon for slaves with the master of slaves.

After trade, she takes back her dragon and gets an army of unsullied the slaves.

Dragons only listen the orders of their mother that is Daenerys.

In Kings Landing Margaery has replaced Sansa
Reason – Margaery belongs to very rich family who gives loans to the rulers and kings and her family support the Lannister in black water war.

Margaery understands how the politics is played in kingdom and she got her own ambitions and she takes advice from her grandmother also.

Jammie Lannister loses his hand in fight.

The Bolton Family –
Bolton family want to take control of North from Stark family.
Ramsay is the bastard son of the family who enjoys torturing his enemies.
Including Theon Greyjoy who he took prisoner when sucking Winterfell after Neds death.
Historically Bolton’s have always been just under the Starks.
But now they think that they can rise and take control of Winterfell.

Arya Stark gets kidnapped by the Hound the great fighter.
Hound wants to make money.
Hound comes to know that Stark family is attending a wedding

Twins is a strategic river crossing controlled by the Frey Family and the starks need onside for their war effort.
Walder Frey the head of frey family is a very nasty old man who controls the little but very important area.

In beginning Robb Stark agrees to marry the daughter of Walder Frey but later Robb breaks his promise and this makes Walder Frey very angry.

Walter frey plans the murder of stark family and he becomes successful
He murders Robb Stark and his mother backed by Lannister.

Arya stark arrives at the venue of wedding and witnesses the body of her dead brother.
This is the moment Arya understand she needs to become powerful and must learn to fight, become champion. Arya decides to take revenge of murder of her family.

Bran Stark still paralyzed from his fall he fled Winterfell with Hodor and loyal band of followers heading north
Bran Stark cannot walk and Hodor carries him everywhere.
Hodor is a big giant man and loyal to Stark Family.

Tarly Family -

Samwell Tarly who joined Night Watch because of his father
Samwell discovers a weakness of the white walkers.
Using old dragon glass spear he kills the white walker to save his love.

Season Four Game of Thrones –
Margaery and King Joffrey’s Wedding - The murder of King Joffrey
Royal wedding in Kings Landing unites two great houses of Westeros the Tyrells and the Lannister’s.
The Martel Family also comes for wedding represented by Prince Oberyn.
In heart Prince Oberyn wants to take revenge of his sister’s murder at the hands of Lannisters.
The unseen hand poisons the newly wed king Joffrey and he dies.

Tyrells poisoned the king Joffrey but Tyrion Lannister who is blamed for his murder.

City of Myrin – Daenerys has conquered the city but she is still learning to rule become a good ruler.

The dragons become very big in size and powerful and it becomes very difficult for Daenerys to control dragons. One of the dragons kills a child and abandons her.
After this she chains the other two dragons

Stark Family –
Sansa Stark fled the kings landing and taken refuge without armed Lysa who has been seduced by an arch schemer Littlefinger.

Sansa witnesses the murder of Eliza but helps Littlefinger.
First time she lies to save Littlefinger.

Sansa stark is with Little Finger. Arya stark is with Hound Sandor Clegane
Hound becomes her captor as well as protector he starts to like Arya and starts to teach her also.
In a battle, Hound become injured and ask Arya to kill him but Arya does not kill him and leaves.

Bran stark reaches to north of the Wall in search of the Three Eyed Raven who he believes will help him walk again.
Hodor protector of Bran cannot speak but he does everything for Bran.
In his dreams from childhood Bran has seen the Three Eyed Raven inviting him to cave which is in north.
Finally, in season four Bran reaches to that cave and meets the Three Eyed Raven.
Raven tells him you will never walk again but you will fly

Stannis helps the Night Watch in fight with white walkers.

Tyrion is tried for murder.
Tyrion says – I am guilty of being dwarf
His father deserts and betrays him
Tyrion demands a trial by combat.
Tyrion chooses Prince Oberyn as his fighter.
But because of over confidence Oberyn is defeated and Tyrion is sentenced to death in Westeros.

Tyrion is released from Jail by his brother Jaime and told to go and a board a ship and run away instead Tyrion decides to check in on his father but finds that his former lover Shae in his father’s bed. Tyrion then kills Shae in anger, takes a crossbow and finds his father and murders him.

Season Five –
Kings Landing – Power of Faith, Rise of Religious Fanatics
Tommen Lannister becomes King and marries Queen Margaery and falls in love with her.
Queen Margaery starts to become more powerful than Cersei.

To control Margaery Cersei empowers religious fanatics to help her topple her rival queen Margaery. But Cersei does not understand that religious fanatics won’t obey her.
Because of Cersei religious fanatics become powerful and decide to punish Cersei also.
They capture her and humiliate her before all the people showing the power of faith.
Religious Fanatics make her take the walk of shame before her subjects.

Creation of the Beast the body guard of Cersei

Tyrion Lannister kills his father and fled across the Narrow Sea
He gets captured and gets handed over to Targaryen Queen Daenerys
Daenerys appoints him as her political adviser as he knows everything about Kings Landing and seven kingdoms.

Once again Dragon saves her and first time Daenerys sits on the back of dragon and flies showing her power to everyone the Storm born mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen.

Dragon takes her to unknown place she finds herself surrounded by Dothraki.

Young Arya follows her mentor to Bravos to become an assassin to take revenge.
Arya made a list of people whom she wants to murder.
Arya learns skills and when get a chance she murders Meryn Trant a name of her kill list who destroyed her world, her life.

Stannis Baratheon is marching on Winterfell which is now controlled by the Boltans.
To win the battle, Stannis follows the advice of the Red Priestess and decides to offer a gift to the lord of light and Stannis burns his own daughter kills her.
Later Red Priestess Melisandre flees to Castel black leaving Stannis to go to Winterfell on his own

Ramsay Bolton wants to marry Sansa Stark to become Lord of Winterfell and everyone will obey him.
When Ramsay becomes busy with war, Sansa gets a chance to run away but she gets caught and this time Theon who lost all his courage saves Sansa
Sansa and Theon both jump and run away from the Winterfell and on the side Ramsay defeats Stannis.
Stannis comes face to face with Brienne of Tarth who sought vengeance for Renly’s death since season two. Brienne kills the Stannis.

The Wall –
Jon snow tries to make a friendship with Wildings but few people in the night watch did not like it.
In a fight with White Walkers – Night King reveals that he has a power he can raise and recruit the dead.
Jon Snow returns to castle black in final minutes of season five Jon Snow gets killed by his own army Night Watch army.

Season Six –
Jon Snow is lying on bed and now only Red Priestess can bring him to life using her magical powers.
The real age of the Red Priestess is revealed showing her old.
She tries her magic and Jon Snow comes to life.
After the miracle of Johns Rebirth, Sansa arrives at Castel to meet her brother.
Both decide to recapture the North, Winterfell.
Sansa starts to understand the politics and how the game of throne is played.
Sansa understand the power of her name Stark.

Daenerys is captured by Dothraki but using her power and intelligence Daenerys burn their leaders and converts the tribe Dothraki and becomes their queen also.

She also makes a friendship with Iron born another fearless lady who brings ships which she needs to reach the Kings Landing.
Three eyed Raven starts to teach Bran and Bran learns the ancient secret that white walkers were created from the first men.
Children of forest invented white walkers to help protect their own race but white walkers go out of control.

White walkers want to kill Bran and Three Eyed Raven.
To save Bran many die and Bran becomes Three Eyed Raven without learning everything he gets all his powers.
Using his powers Bran comes to know that Jon Snows mother is a sister of Ned Stark Lyanna Stark.
Jon Snow is the nephew of Ned Stark not his bastard son.
He is half stark.

Sansa and Jon Snow start journey towards Winterfell to take back Winterfell from Ramsay Bolton.
Ramsay murders his father and newborn brother fearing that he will lose his kingdom.

Sansa knows how deadly is Ramsay Bolton and she advises Jon Snow to be careful
Jon Snow ignores her.
Ramsay Traps Jon Snow, Jon Snow loses battle but on right time Sansa comes with army and they win the war.
Jon wants to kill Ramsay but Jon tells Sansa to take charge and Sansa gives him punishment same way Ramsay does to others a painful death.

Jon Snow becomes the king of Winterfell and Sansa is beside him.

Arya stark is back in Westeros to deal with Walder Frey.
Using her skills and intelligence which she learned from faceless man Arya Stark kills Walder Frey.

Sand Snakes kill the daughter of Cersei.
Jamie goes to fight with revolt and Cersei is alone to fight with Faith Militant Religious Fanatics and wait for Judgment by the faith militant.
Cersei is supposed to face the trial.
Cersei takes the charge of situation and decides to kill the everyone who humiliated her.
High Sparrow, Faith Militants everyone is present for trial but Cersei unleashes wild fire and kills everyone. In one stroke, she destroys all her enemies.

Her only son and King Tommen comes to know that his mother murdered his wife he commits suicide. Tommen’s death leaves the Iron Throne empty.
A witch told Cersei that she was cursed and that all her children would die she tries to protect them but ultimately all her kids die and she accepts that.

Jamie returns to kings landing and sees Queen Cersei sitting on the Iron Throne.

And another queen Daenerys the Targaryen Queen starts sailing towards the kings landing Westeros with a vast army and dragons to take what belongs to her The Iron Throne.

Now what will happen which Queen will win in season 7

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