02 June 2017

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Historical Maharashtra Farmers go on strike Why Farmers decided to go on strike

Historical Maharashtra Farmers go on strike Why Farmers decided to go on strike

As per media reports in last 3 years more than 9000 farmers committed suicide in Maharashtra.

After facing draught, because of good rain farmers were hoping they will make good money but note exchange program of BJP government killed those hopes.
Farmers were expecting that Now as BJP government is in Centre and in State they will get good price for their crops, that is 50% more that the cost of which Farmer incurred while producing the crop, but now BJP government is not ready to give good price for the crops which was Promised by BJP and PM Narendra Modi.

Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis appealed to farmers to cancel their strike but farmers are no ready to cancel their strike.

Farmers were expecting that they will also get relief from BJP government like UP that is Loan Waiver but BJP government is not ready to waive the loans given to the Farmers.

On Tuesday, various farmer bodies of the state met Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, but the talks failed.

Last more than 3 months’ Maharashtra farmers were giving warning that they will go on strike but BJP ignored those warnings

A group of around 200 farmers of Puntamba village in Ahmednagar district were the first to announce the strike from 1 June and many others followed suit.

Now from 1st June 2017 Farmers in Maharashtra started a strike demanding loan waiver and good price for their crop as promised by BJP government.

farmers have decided to produce only for their own consumption and not for the market.
They will stop supply of food grains, cereals, fruits and milk to markets

What happened on First day of Farmers strike in short
Farmers have stopped sending their produce to markets across the state
Farmers stopped the vehicles from entering local markets.
Threw the vegetables and milk on the Road
Nashik S P Ankush Shinde told media that the police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the mob. “One youth, 35-year-old Yashwant Jadhav, was injured in police action and five of our men were injured due to stone-pelting by the locals

With the farmers on strike, cities like Mumbai and Pune are likely to face a shortage of vegetables, milk and fruits. Bombay and Pune residents will see the effect from the 3rd June

The farmers are demanding a complete waiver of farm loans, free electricity, appropriate remunerative prices for their produce, irrigation grants and higher price for milk and implementation of the MS Swaminathan Committee recommendations.

List of Maharashtra Farmers demands who are on strike
1-state should clear the 7/12 extracts that are property documents of farmers from all liabilities.
2-The farmers are seeking interest-free loans,
3-a pension scheme for farmers over 60 years,
4-uninterrupted power supply
5-minimum support price of Rs 50 per litre of milk
6- appropriate remunerative prices for their produce
7- implementation of the MS Swaminathan Committee recommendations

Farmers are getting good support and possibility is that if they get divided, their strike will end without giving any fruits to any farmer in state.

Farmers just need to keep unity and continue their strike for 1 month and they will get what they want.

It is better to go on strike than committing suicide.

If Maharashtra government got the money to build statues,
If Maharashtra government got the money to send politicians on study tour to Europe
If Maharashtra government got the money to send politicians on study tour to USA
If Maharashtra government gives subsidy to big business housess subsidies of crores of Rs.
If Maharashtra government got money to increase their own salaries
If Maharashtra government got money to give pensions to the ex-elected politicians

Then saying that it is not possible to waive the loans given to farmers is a white lie.

Yes, it is possible to give Nation Wide Farm Loan Waiver Just Postpone 7th pay, transfer all that funds to farmers

Yes, it is possible to waive the loan of Maharashtra Farmers Just postpone building of Statues, cancel study tours, Remove the Air Conditioners fixed the houses of elected Politicians, tell all the Political Parties to donate money for this Cause, Tell the elected politicians that they will not get salary for next 2 years as that salary will be given to the Maharashtra Farmers Loan Waiver Scheme,

Once you decide to give the loan waiver one will find thousands of ways to raise money for farmers.

Yes, it is possible to waive the loan of farmers one just needs to understand their Pain

What happened in the past is not important

Now what is happening is important Maharashtra BJP Shiv Sena government needs to feel the pain of farmers, only if they feel the pain they will waive the loans and accept the demands of farmers.

Bring the good laws
Bring Good Insurance Policies
Study how the Chinese farmers are doing farming, study how their insurance policies are helping farmers and bring those good things in Maharashtra for farmers.

make the good laws, bring good insurance policies, pay the right price for the crops, and we will see that No Farmer will ever demand loan waivers from state or commit suicide.

Farmers on strike is big failure of BJP Shiv Sena Government.
If Shiv Sena says they support farmers then Shiv Sena needs to give notice to BJP accept demands of farmers and end the strike  or we are withdrawing support of BJP government

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Friday, June 2, 2017

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