15 May 2017

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Naat Lyrics with English Translation of song Maa Ki Shan Jab Tu Paida hua

Naat Lyrics with English Translation of song Maa Ki Shan Jab Tu Paida hua

Naat Song – Jab Tu Paid Hua Jab Tu Paida hua kitna majboor tha

Lyrics with English translation of song naat Jab Tu Paid Hua Jab Tu Paida hua kitna majboor tha

English translation of the song naat Jab Tu Paid Hua Jab Tu Paida hua kitna majboor tha in red color.

Lyrics – Maa Ki Shan Jab Jab Tu Paid Hua Jab Tu Paida hua kitna majboor tha

Jab Tu Paida hua kitna majboor tha
When you were born how helpless you were 

Ye jahan teri sochon se bhi door tha
This world was far away from your thoughts also

Haath paaon bhi tab tere apne na the
That time you didn’t own have your own hands and legs also

Teri ankhon mein duniya ke sapne na the
In your eyes, there were no dreams of this world

Tujko aata tha jo sirf rona hee tha
That time you only knew how to cry you knew only crying

Dudh pike tera kaam sona hee tha
After drinking milk your only job was to sleep

Tujko chalna sikhaya tha maa ne teri
Your mother taught you how to walk

Tujko dil mein basaya tha maa ne teri
Your mother kept you in her heart, she was the one who embrace you

Maa ke ssaye mein parwan chadne laga
Under the mother’s love and care you started to grow

Wakt ke sath kad tera badne laga
With the time your height age started to increase

Dhire dhire tu kadiyal jawan ho gaya
Slowly you became strong young man

Tujpe sara jahan maherbaan ho gaya
Whole world started to appreciate you

Zor bazu pe tu baat karne laga
You started to talk behave knowing your strength 

Khud hee sajne laga khud sawarne laga
You started to do your own fashion and styles

Ek din ek hasina tuje bha gayi
One day fell in love with a beautiful girl

Banke dulhan wo fir tere ghar aa gayi
She married you and came to your home

Farz apne se tu door hone laga
Then you started to forget your duties and responsibilities

Bij nafrat ka khud hee tu bo ne laga
You yourself started to sow the seed of hatred

Fir tu maa baap ko bhi bhulane laga
After that you started to forget your parents, mother and father

Teer baton ke fir tu chalane laga
After that you started to use abusive language

Baat be baat unse tu ladne laga
Without any reasons on simple talks you started to fight with them

Qaida ek naya fir tu padne laga
You started to make your own rules in house

Yaad kar tujse maa ne kaha ek din
Remember one day your mother told you 

Ab hamara guzara nahi tere bin
We cannot live without you 

Sunn ke ye baat tu tahesh mein aa gaya
Listening this you lost your control

Tera gussa teri akal ko kha gaya
Your anger destroyed your wisdom knowledge

Josh mein aa ke tune ye maa se kaha
With anger, you told your mother 

Mein tha khamosh sab dekhta hee raha
Until now I was silent I just kept watching

Aaj kehta hun pichha mera chhod do
Today I am telling you leave me alone

Jo hai rishta mera tumse wo tod do
Break the relationship which I have with you

Jaao jake kahin kaam dhandha karo
Go somewhere and do some work

Log marte hein tum bhi kahin ja maro
Everyday people die you also go somewhere and die

Beth kar aanhe bharte the wo raat bhar
All night your mother sat and kept crying

Unke aanho ka tujpe hua na asar
you remain untouched, unaffected even after seeing her pain

Ek din bap tera chala ruth kar
With broken heart one day your father left you died 

Kesi bikhri thi fir teri ma tut kar
That day how shattered broken was your mother

Fir wo bebas ajal ko bulati rahi
After that helpless she always prayed for death, her only wish was to die

Zindagi usko har din satati rahi
Everyday life troubled her more and more

Ek din maut ko bhi taras aa gaya
One day death became kind on her 

Uska rona bhi takdeer ko bha gaya
The god of death liked her crying

Ashk ankhon mein the wo rawana hui
With tears in eyes she died passed away

Maut ka ek hichki bahana hui
One hiccup became the reason of death

Ek sukun uske chehre pe chhane laga
Her face started to glow one can see satisfaction peace on her face

Fir tu mayyat ko uski sajane laga
After that you started to decorate her body

Muddatein ho gayi aaj budha hai tu
Time has passed and Today you have become old

Jo pada tut khatiya pe wo kuda hai tu
Just like a trash, in old age you are sitting on bed

Tere bache bhi ab tujse darte nahi
Your kids also do not fear you, do not respect you

Nafratein hein mahobbat wo karte nahin
They hate you they don’t love you

Dard mein tu pukare ke oh meri maa
In pain now you call your own mother, Ohhh! my mother

Tere hee dam se roshan the dono jahan
Only because of your support love I enjoyed my both worlds

Wakt chalta rahe wakt rukta nahin
Time Never stops Time keeps on going 

Tut jaata hai wo joh ke jukta nahin
One who doesn’t become soft, one who does not bow gets broken shattered

Banke ibrat ka tu ab nishan reh gaya
Now you have become a waring for others a sign example of tragedy

Dhundhle zor tera kaha reh gaya
Now find your strength and pride where are they now

Tu jo ahkam e rabbi bhulata raha
You kept ignoring forgetting the words of wise, god

Apne maa baap ko tu satata raha
You kept torturing abusing your parents, mother and father

Kaat le tu wohi, tu ne boya tha jo
What you have done in past now it’s time to pay for it

Tujh ko kaise miley tu ne khoya tha jo
How can you get what you lost?

Yaad Kar Ke gaya daur, Tu Rone laga
You remembered the past and started to cry

Kal jo tu ne kiya aaj hone laga
What you did in past today its happening history is repeating

Maut mange tuje maut aati nahin
You want to die but death doesn’t come to you

Maa ki surat nigahon se jati nahin
Your mind, eyes are filled with the memories of mother which don’t go

Tu jo khanse toh aulad dante tuje
When you cough loud now your children shout on you

Tu hai nasur sukh kaun bante tuje
Now your presence is pain who will spread happiness around you

Maut aayegi tujko magar wakt par
When your time will come, death will come to you

Bann hee jayegi teri kabar wakt par
On time your grave will also get build

Kadr maa baap ki agar koi jaan le
If one understands the value, importance of mother and father

Apni jannat ko duniya mein pahechan le
The one who recognizes knows where is the paradise in this world

Aur leta rahe wo badon ki dua
And keep taking the good wishes of parents 

Uske dono jahan uska hami khuda
Both worlds will be his God also helps them

Yaad rakhna Sagar ki iss baat ko
Remember this words of Sagar

Bhul jana na rehmat ke barsat ko
Don’t ever forget the shower of blessings 

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