23 May 2017

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Indian Army Tying a man to Jeep was it a legal action Is it Right to Support It

Indian Army Tying a man to Jeep was it a legal action Is it Right to Support It

As per media reports an Indian Army Major involved in tying up a Kashmiri man, Farooq Ahmed Dar to a jeep bonnet to ward off stone-pelters in Kashmir has been awarded the Army Chief’s Commendation Card for sustained efforts in counter-insurgency operations.

Mr. Dar was tied to an Army vehicle by the officer on April 9 during the Srinagar by-polls to escape stone throwers.

Farooq Dar was beaten with gun butts and lathis and his bicycle damaged. He is only a weaver and had nothing to do with stone pelting. For 5 hours, he was tied to a jeep and driven around several villages. 
“I was not a stone- thrower. I had voted that day. I was kept thirsty from 10.45 a.m. till 7.30 p.m. I was driven around 28 km in various villages. I was used as a shield,” 

Now Farooq Dar has asked the following question who support Major Leetul Gogoi’s action of tying him to Jeep.
1- Which law in the country makes use of human shield legal?
2- “I want to ask only one thing, was I an animal that I was tied and exhibited,” he asked. “Kya mein koi bhains ya bail tha”,” (Was I a buffalo or a bull?”)
3-“If it was his (the Army Chief’s) relative instead of me, will he still award the officer,” asked Farooq Ahmad Dar, who was tied to an Army vehicle and used as a human shield by Major Leetul Gogoi.

Dar who was part of little population that voted in the Lok Sabha bypoll on April 9, has pledged never to vote again. “I will never ever step out of the house on election day, that’s my promise to myself,”

The officer has been given a clean chit by the BJP Defence Minister.

No Indian law allows or gives the permission to Indian Army to strap a man to Jeep, then that man may belong to India, Kashmir or any other nation.

Indian Army needs to follow the code of conduct if any major or army man breaks any rule because of need then we can forgive it only if Army says it was the need of hour to protect but action was wrong and army will see that the action will not get repeated in future.

If support the tying of Kashmiri Man to Jeep then will you support Mumbai or Delhi or Gujarat Police tying an Indian citizen to Jeep.

Will you support Police or Army if they strap your innocent brother to Jeep for whatever reason?

Human Rights are supreme nothing is Supreme than Human Rights

People of Kashmir are upset because of the policies of government of India and state government which are failing to increase the confidence of people of Kashmir in government , low voting, stone pelting , girls coming on roads  clearly shows that Indian government is failing to spread the seeds of love in Kashmir.

Use of Army is not solution for Peace, Talk, Debates and spread of love will bring Peace in Kashmir not use of force.

Only Indian Courts, Army Courts have right to punish according to law.

Indian law does not give any right to police or army to take law in their own hands and give punishment to Indian Citizens.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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