15 April 2017

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US White House decides not to reveal Visitors List

US White House decides not to reveal Visitors List

The White House said Friday that lists of visitors to the building will be kept secret, breaking with the practice of President Donald Trump’s predecessor.

Former President Barack Obama voluntarily released the records.
It is very good practice and tradition set by the former President.

President Barack Obama’s, and that continuing Obama’s practice of voluntarily releasing the records could interfere with policy development.

Why, Reasons why White House, President Donald Trump decided not to reveal visitors list?
The Trump administration cited privacy and national security
White House communications director Michael Dubke said Trump has taken steps to improve the ethical climate in Washington, such as imposing new restrictions on lobbying by departing administration officials and opening the White House press briefing room to outlets that previously didn’t have access. He said the decision was based on the” grave national security risks and privacy concerns of the hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.”

This is again one more mistake of President Donald Trump.

It’s the right of US citizens to know who is meeting the President.
It’s the right of US citizens to know which company officials or lawyers are meeting the white House officials, it helps to know who is lobbying for what.

Always remember Honest person is always open and criminal and corrupt person always tries to hide information from public.

This is one more reason not to vote for President Donald Trump in next elections.

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