20 April 2017

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Sunil Kulkarni founder of SHIFU SUNKRITI arrested for Human Trafficking

Sunil Kulkarni founder of SHIFU SUNKRITI arrested for Human Trafficking

Malad Police station unit 9 registered the FIR against Sunil Kulkarni and arrested him.
The matter will be investigated by crime branch officials.

Sunil Kulkarni has been booked under various IPC sections including 370 (trafficking of person), 328 (causing hurt by means of poison), 420 (cheating) and 292 (sale of obscene books), the official said.

He has also been charged under IT Act sections 67 (publishing or transmitting obscene material in electronic form) and 67(a) (publishing or transmitting in the electronic form any material which contains sexually explicit act or conduct)

The police through public prosecutor Sangeeta Shinde said that they had raided Kulkarni’s premises on April 9, six days after the NGO helping the parents submitted their report to the police.

Sunil Kulkarni in an interview told to Mumbai Mirror that It is not Shifu Sunkriti but the parents who are at fault in all cases. In the recent case which is before HC, the parents were torturing their children. They have an abusive relationship and they followed their children everywhere they went. A domestic violence case should have been filed against them. I am just trying to help the two adult girls, who are trying to live an independent life. How is that a crime? I have even met Vijaya Rahatkar, chairperson of the Maharashtra State Commission of Women and complained about the parents. I have written to the police stations and to the Mumbai Police chief. In two other cases, parents of two young boys are just trying to put the blame on me for whatever differences they have with their sons. One of the boys work for me and one of the boys is a friend of his. But I have just helped these boys solve their emotional problems. Now one of the parents has confined their son in Goregaon and we are trying to release him.

The Bombay High Court had yesterday asked the city police to lodge an FIR against Kulkarni.
The High court told the police to file the FIR against the Shifu Sunkriti after which they should trace the accused. This looks like a big racket and should be stopped. If the police are unable to take appropriate action, we will ask the CID or CBI to step in and take over the probe. The police and the state are giving us the impression that it is not serious in its probe

A cult’s leader Sunil Kulkarni heads Shifu Sunkriti was arrested in Mumbai on Thursday after the high court heard petitions filed by families who alleged that the group had “ensnared” their daughters and pushed them into drugs.

The high court gave the directions while hearing a plea by a city couple alleging that their two daughters, aged 23 and 21, were ensnared by the cult group Shifu Sunkriti, which operated on social media, and its founder Kulkarni.

The petition alleged that Shifu Sunkriti is a "sex and drug racket" that contacts young girls on Facebook and other social networking sites.

The couples claimed that their adult daughters were refusing to come back home because Shifu Sunkriti, which operates on social media, had entrapped them.

In their complaint, the Malad-based chartered accountant and his wife had alleged that the group which operates on social media was a "sex and drugs racket". The couple had claimed that their daughters had come under the influence of one Sunil Kulkarni.

According to the couple, their 23-year-old daughter - a law student - first came in contact with Sunil Kulkarni, who claimed to be a doctor and psychiatrist in December 2015. Kulkarni, the complaint claimed, runs a group called "Shifu Sunkriti". Subsequently, their younger daughter - a 21-year-old architecture student - was also pulled into the group, they alleged. The parents claimed that the behavior of their daughters changed and it came to a point where complaints were filed against the couple accusing them of wrongfully confining the girls and domestic violence. The girls finally left the house early this year. "Kulkarni attracts girls in the age group of 18-25 years and captures their mind to such an extent that they cannot possibly think beyond him," the petition said.

Nowhere Media has reported that Police found drugs, porn videos or movies from the premises of Sunil Kulkarni. The girls who left the home are above the age of 18, a legal age where person can do what he wants to do with his own life. As per law even parents got the right to kick out the kids from home if they are above age 18.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

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