15 April 2017

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Farmers Loan Waiver Farmers Fundamental Right until National Policy

Farmers Loan Waiver Farmers Fundamental Right until National Policy

What is Farmer Loan Waiver?
A loan waiver is the waiving of the real liability of the farmer who has taken loan to do farming and who suffers losses because of weather, season example Drought

In India farmers are committing suicides and No one is interested in them seriously.

Many politicians, government heads directly or indirectly say that Farm Loan waiver is a bad thing. We should never waive the loans.

But in the last 2 years BJP government wrote-off loans worth Rs. 1.12 crore to big corporate houses and companies.

Vijay Mallya, an upper house member he ran away without paying any loans while banks and government was sleeping.

BJP Finance Minister and many bankers say that a write-off is a technical term and does not mean writing of the loan. Thus, it is different from waiving off a loan.
Loans written-off means that loan is no longer a part of the balance sheet of the bank.
Bank in future may recover that loan.
Theoretically there is a difference between a write-off and waive-off to fool the citizens.

There is no difference, write-off loan means loan waiver.

Loan waiver term is used for farmers

Loan write-off term is used for big corporate houses who does not pay loan amount even if they are rich who never commit suicide.

For me NPA policy, law is nothing but a legal method of  looting money from the banks which is deposited by the poor Indians in the banks whom banks do not give respect.

Banks do not need provision of NPA just make simple rule – pay loan in time or go to jail
one day delay in paying loan equal to 1 day jail

Ask the banks to reveal the names of people whose loans they have written-off
Banks will not reveal their names but will give them protection and new loans to rob again.

Any person who supports provision of NPA he does not have any right to say No to waiver of farm loans.

When Banks give loan to poor people, these banks send Gundas and criminals to recover that loan, why these banks do not send same Gundas and criminals to recover loan from Corporate companies.

Now a day many government heads are speaking against the loan waiver to farmers.
Example – SBI, RBI and many more

They say it is a bad habit, it will spoil the farmer.

Today majority Indians do not care for farmers, we are lucky that farmers are not united and majority farmer leaders are selfish.

Just for 1 or 2 years’ farmers need to decide that they will grow crops for the family only
They will eat it, enjoy nature and won’t do hard work.
won’t produce crops for sell. No Extra food, vegetables for sell.

Strike for 1 or 2 years no farming On Holiday

Then we Indians will realize the importance of farmers and their hard work.

We buy the vegetables Rs. 100 or Rs. 200 Kilo but farmer will get Rs. 1 or Rs. 10 for kilo then where does all that profit goes.  This applies to all types of food.

As a nation what facilities we give to farmers?
As far as my reading nothing, Nation does nothing for farmers.

In Maharashtra alone in last 2 years more than 9000 farmers committed suicide but government is sleeping state as well as center both are sleeping not interested in farmers, their deaths and suicides.

RBI and SBI heads say Its bad thing to waive the loans given to farmers.

Do you ever heard the same people saying NPA is bad, we should remove NPA and we should follow simple rule – Pay the loan or Go to Jail. This never happens.
Comedy is that these bankers are not ready to reveal the names of these people who do not pay loans.

My own belief is that this does not happen because few high-profile banking officers and politicians take direct or indirect bribes from these Corporate Business Houses and later that loan of millions of dollars gets written of.

NPA or loan written off means loan waiver, Banks forget that Bank payed loan to XYZ business man, and that same businessman keeps taking loans from different banks.

Did you ever hear that for loan of Rs. 1 lakh a businessman committed suicide?

Did you ever heard that a daughter of banker committed suicide as father is not able to pay dowry?

Did you ever heard that a politician father, a banker father, government servant father committed suicide because he is not able to buy food for his family, he is not able to pay the fees of the primary school?

But all these incidents happen in a home of farmer.

As a nation, we Indians give nothing to farmers

Farming profession is dependent on season, rain and government policies.
Sometimes weather destroys the crops and farmer remains poor.
Sometimes government policies see that farmer remains poor.
Maharashtra saw draught for 3 years after that weather was good, farmers were happy thinking that now they got good crop they will earn more money, but suddenly government started note exchange program which killed all the hopes of farmers.

Who decides Prices of crops?
Government decides prices of crops.

Who decides Import and Export policies regarding crops, food?
Government of India decides all the policies regarding Import and Export.

Farmer and his family do all hard work and cost of his hard work is decided by the government.

Farmers don’t have any pay commission, Farmers do not have insurance policy.

Government is not ready to provide them 24-hour water and 24-hour electricity with subsidy

Aero plane companies get subsidy on fuel, government gives them loans.
Classic example – Air India

Power companies and Government
Many times, government gives ABC Business man loan of billions after that he starts an electricity producing company.  He gets subsidy, He makes profits. He never invests his own money and he becomes a rich man by paying or without paying loans.

Companies doing business in SEZ areas.
They enjoy subsidy, they enjoy tax waiver.

Majority times government sells the government land to their friends who are Crorepati for Rs. 1 to start a new business even if the cost of that land is Rs. 1000 Crore, government gives it for Rupees One, think then Why no help to farmers.

Today India don’t have any National Policy regarding Farmers, Farmers Loans, their security and pension and education for kids in such situation government needs to declare that getting loans waived is the fundamental right of farmer if crop gets destroyed by the weather or because of government policies.

Government needs to start to farmer fund, Government needs to invest in a farming
Give each farmer seeds, water, electricity, all things free of cost which are required for farming.  Farmer is ready to do hard work.

Help Farmers to start close door farming, water saving farming which is done in China.
For this government should do the investment and bring the technology so whatever may be the weather, the farmer will do his farming in closed doors when he will need sunlight he will just push the button and walls will open, crops will get sunlight as required and again he will shut the door.

If that is not possible Government needs to nationalize the farming sector like banking and give salaries to farmers as enjoyed by the State Bank of India and RBI officers.

I am sure majority farmers will agree as they also know the importance of government job, security and pension, holidays, so many benefits.

Do something for Farmers or in future India will need to import farmers many be Government wants this only on the name of Corporate Farming.

Nationalization of Farming Sector is better that Corporate Farming.

Declare that as there is No Policy, Farmer Waive loan will get treated as Fundamental Right of Farmer to get a loan waiver and set rules and conditions otherwise corrupt farmer will get benefits and honest will remain poor which normally happens in India.

Donkey enjoys all the facilities and Horses eat grass and bow before these donkeys

For me anyone who says No to Farmers Laon Waiver is an anti-national person.

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

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