26 April 2017

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Delhi MCD Results 2017 Why AAP lost Delhi MCD Elections

Delhi MCD Results 2017 Why AAP lost Delhi MCD Elections

BJP won the MCD elections 2017 because of wrong policies of AK and AAP.

Below are the top reasons why AAP lost the MCD Delhi Elections 2017
Still time has not gone AK needs to say sorry to Anna, Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav and needs to form a new team with a vow that party will work under the YY, PB and AK as a team anyone who is not ready to obey to all 3 he can leave the AAP otherwise future of AAP is not bright.

If any party wishes to say that EVM is faulty, Because of EVM we lost elections will lose more and more votes.
If you think EVM is faulty then only option is Boycott elections, gets signatures of Citizens and approach to the Supreme Court of India.
If you contest elections then you have no right to blame EVM if you blame it you lose votes.

Before MCD elections AAP blamed EVM and result is AAP lost.

Majority people believe that EVM machines are better than paper.
Paper means any criminal can show you sword or gun and he will vote on the place of you.

Lesson learned never ever blame EVM boycott elections if you do not trust EVM.

Arvind Kejriwal needs to understand that people are losing faith in him and trust that AK is an honest person.

Few citizens think that AK is an honest person but he is not capable to run a government or control his party and members.

One of the biggest mistake of Arvind Kejriwal is becoming CM of Delhi and not performing all the work is done by someone else.

Not Giving Due respect to the Governor of Delhi and working under him and following the laws.

Not respecting the chair of PM, do legal job follow the procedures laid down in the books of law as CM and I am sure LG or PM both will find it impossible to sign on the papers.

Performance of AK as CM = For me it is zero what he did I do not know.

Where is Jan Lokpal Bill – I do not know No Jan Lok Pal No Vote for AAP
AAP means Jan Lokpal Bill

AAP means Accountability where is Accountability
No Accountability No Votes.

What action AAP took when on its ministers who made mistakes
No action No Vote.

AAP means Honesty
Where is Honesty, which action show that AAP is an honest party.
If you try to Copy BJP, then people are happy with PM Modi they will vote for Modi and BJP.

Lessons for AK and AAP
Until next elections of Lower House never ever go outside of Delhi.
Work for Delhi as the CM of Delhi under the LG following all the procedures laid down in the books of law.
Appoint Lokpal in party, be accountable, Be Honest and Be ready to give accounts to public.
Fight for Jan Lokpal Bill
If possible Bring back old team and kick everyone who is corrupt or make a simple rule if there is a corruption accusation on anyone that person will resign from that Post.
Zero Tolerance against Corruption
Come Under Right to Information Act willingly and Provide and Give all info to Indian citizens regarding AAP party.

Otherwise Future of AAP is not bright.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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Renu April 27, 2017  

very good analysis!