07 April 2017

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Bollywood Star Vinod Khanna is he suffering from Cancer

Bollywood Star Vinod Khanna is he suffering from Cancer

Last week Veteran Bollywood star Vinod Khanna was admitted to HN Reliance Foundation and Research Centre in Mumbai's Girgaum after suffering from severe dehydration.

The actor is a sitting Bharatiya Janata Party MP from Gurdaspur district of Punjab.

As per media reports hospital authorities have refused to comment on whether the actor is suffering from cancer or not
an official statement issued from the hospital said that Vinod Khanna’s situation was quickly brought under control and that he responded well to medicines.
His son Rahul Khanna said that  “Dad was hospitalised on Friday (March 31) for severe dehydration.

Vinod Khanna is alive and about Cancer we can only guess.
There is, however, speculation that he is actually being treated for bladder cancer.

But now on social media one photo has gone viral and which made his fans worry for Vinod Khanna.
In this photo 70-year-old Vinod Khanna looks very weak and sick and he has lost lots of weight.

As per media reports still now No one came forward and denied that the photo is a fake.
No denial means Yes, he may be  suffering from Cancer.
Still I hope the photo is fake and he is not suffering from Cancer.

Indian Express reported that Vinod Khanna had himself informed the people in his constituency in February that he had been absent during Punjab elections and earlier as he was undergoing treatment for cancer.

Wish Bollywood Star Vinod Khanna a speedy recovery.

When we think about India, my own observation is that people fear the cancer and they are not ready to reveal that someone in family is suffering from Cancer.

Anyone can get cancer no one needs to be ashamed about it.
Hope Politicians and Bollywood Stars will start to reveal about Cancer or any other disease.
If they are suffering.

Photo Bollywood Star Vinod Khanna in reliance hospital

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Friday, April 7, 2017

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