10 April 2017

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Bollywood Movie Review Poorna 2017

Bollywood Movie Review Poorna 2017
Movie – Poorna
Release – March 31, 2017
Actors – Aditi Inamdar, Rahul Bose
Music -Salim - Sulaiman
Lyrics - Amitabh Bhattacharya
Director – Rahul Bose
Running Time – 1 hour 40 minutes

Poorna is a motivational movie, sports movie.

The Movie is produced by Amit Patni and Rahul Bose under the banner of PVR Pictures.
The film was screened at the 2017 Palm Springs International Film Festival where it was named on the festival’s list of “30 Best Films

Poorna movie is based inspired on the life of 13-year-old tribal girl from Telangana who became the youngest girl to climb and conquer the Everest.

Adit Inamdar is playing role as ‘Poorna’ and Rahul Bose as IPS officer Praveen kumar

Plot story of the Movie Poorna –

Foreign Returned IPS officer Pravin Kumar demands a job in social sector mainly in government run schools for tribal villages.  He gets posting as he desired.

Harward return IPS officer Praveen Kumar makes many eyebrows raise because of his choice to take up the least preferred profile of a Social Welfare Officer in remote places of Telangana.

In a small village Poorna and her friend both go to one school, older friend of Poorna wants to study, she dreams of becoming someone in life and she encourages Poorna also.
Here we meet the reality of Indian school system, as the parents were not able to pay fees, they must clean the school every day.

Poona’s friend finds a paper clip advertisement about government school where they can study free, and school provides them egg and good food.
Both decide to run away to join that school, but they get caught and after girl friend of Poorna gets married.
She tells Poorna run away to school or she will also get married in one or two years.

The poor father of Poorna takes his daughter to government school as he doesn’t have money for her marriage.

The reality of government school, corruption and how Rahul Bose encourages the kids, how Poorna gets inspired and finally climbs the Everest.

Rahul Bose tells Poorna Remember Girls can do anything.
The first meeting of Kumar and Poorna happens when Poorna runs away from government school. When Kumar meets Poorna on the wayside he asks her a life changing question – “If you run away from school, you set an example for the rest of the girls in school. Just think what kind of example you would like to set for others in life”?
Good dialogues, inspirational movie.

Movie shows us the mentality of Government officers, a realistic movie eye opening movie.

Excellent Movie Must See Movie for everyone

One of the top movies of 2017

Star Rating for Poorna - 4 stars out of 5

1 star = ok
2 star = average
3 star = good
4star = best
5 star = excellent

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