24 April 2017

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Aadhaar Number a dual sword freedom or slavery for citizens

Aadhaar Number a dual sword freedom or slavery for citizens

Aadhaar provides a unique 12-digit identity number based on biometrics to every resident of India.

In India Right to Privacy is not a fundamental Right.
In India Freedoms are limited.
In India, we do not have 1st Amendment like USA which gives freedom to US Nationals Citizens.

India is a limited democracy where every 5 years we get a right to choose our master and after that the role of citizen ends he needs to wait for next 5 years. The master decides what we can eat, what we can were, where we can go with opposite gender everything.

Biometric data is widely used in systems that attempt to identify a specific user or other human through unique characteristics. Computer image processing is one form of biometric analysis that uses biometric data. Digital fingerprint analysis also relies on the use of biometric data for identification purposes.

Biometrics are unique physical characteristics, such as fingerprints, that can be used for automated recognition. Government collects full name, family details, Age, Fingerprints, eyes get scanned all the details which will make government agency to identify a person from anywhere using Drone also.

Aadhaar is a dual sword today we do not realize but I am sure after 75 years next generations will fight with government to cancel the Aadhaar Number Program as after 75 years it is possible that Aadhaar number will get printed on the body of the individual as soon as the birth takes place, child is born, a doctor will imprint the Aadhaar number on the hands of a baby and this will apply on the animals also.

Printing Digital Aadhaar Number on the body of person will be end of Democracy and Freedoms it will be a start of Global Slavery for human beings.

Animals will get tagged with Animal Aadhaar Numbers.

Drones will monitor all the Roads, Highways, everything 24/7, 365 days.
As soon as a human being will go outside of home Drone will record the message –
Subject 123456789123 has come out of home,
Update Reaching location abce124
this may sound like a movie plot but this is the reality of future this will become possible because of the Aadhaar Number which contains 100% details.

Today majority Indians are very happy with the Aadhaar Number which contains A to Z information of him without realizing that Aadhar number is a dual sword which can make him or her a slave of government.

Already in India our freedoms are limited, fully controlled by government of India and few organizations.

Today Aadhar is not secure but in future government will see that it gets secured but still Aadhar will be in the possession of government of India, enforcement agencies which may use that Aadhar number for valid reasons or invalid reasons.

Aadhar should be only used to prove the identity, citizenship nothing else.

Now Government of India is making Aadhaar compulsory for everything and linking it with your bank account, tax details, travelling details, passport, in short everything.

Once a citizen gets a Aadhar number it is impossible to remove that data, personal information from the hands of the government of India.

Government is linking everything with Aadhar Number means it will become impossible for the Indian citizens to stay happily in India without Aadhar number.

People say we get Aadhar Card free cost so why no worry.

You need to think why government is giving it free of cost?

Aadhar card is beneficial for government as well as big rich business houses which will help them to track anyone, anywhere, help them for marketing purpose and if someone has bad intentions to fulfill those bad intentions.

Once government gets your Aadhar Number, Government of India is free to use that information as government wishes.
Government will not take your permission before giving your information to Pakistan or USA or Adani or Ambani or Tata. It will be in the hands of government to whom they want to sell or give data free of cost without your permission.

Tomorrow Government will sell Aadhaar Number data to Google or Facebook then it will become impossible to open fake Google Account or Facebook Account or even it will become impossible to surf internet anonymously as Aadhaar Number will also travel from site to site recording all the details which site an individual has visited, which type of comment he has written positive or negative about government or product etc.

Few people say that we give data to google and other internet companies then why to worry about giving data to companies?
Answer is simple – When we give data to google we can simply lie about our real name, age, address everything, we can open 10 or 1000 google accounts with fake name, age, address but regarding Aadhar it is impossible, to withdraw from Aadhar Number data base.
It is impossible to give fake name, address, photo while registering Aadhar number.

So please do not compare Aadhar information with Google Information or web information which we provide.

Web information it is not compulsory, if it is compulsory we can lie, we can give fake information and get that utility example Gmail or Yahoo Account, in future we can change our mobile number also if required.
This does not happen with Aadhar Number it will stay in the database forever even after your death, even it will get sold after your death also.

Time has come for Congress Party which started Aadhaar Project to oppose it used by government of India citing Privacy as a fundamental Right.

Every citizen who thinks freedom is important than utilities need to oppose Aadhaar Number before it is too late.

What is important 100 benefits or Freedom?

Are you ready to sacrifice Freedom of movement, Privacy for the few benefits given by the Aadhaar Number?

Aadhaar is a dual sword and in the end Aadhar is going to be useful tool in the hands of government and few rich companies which will control everything by tagging every Individual and animals.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

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rudraprayaga April 26, 2017  

Thank for the info.Is it a necessity to be an adhaar- holder?