20 March 2017

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Be Ready to Pay What Shopkeeper Demands BJP to remove MRP law

Be Ready to Pay What Shopkeeper Demands BJP to remove MRP law

As per media reports PM Modi and BJP government is planning to remove mentioning of
The Maximum Retail Price (MRP) label on our everyday products

What is The Maximum Retail Price (MRP)?
Under the Weights and Measures (Packaged Commodities) Rules, all packed goods should carry certain essential information on the contents of the package, such as its weight or volume, the name and address of the manufacturer, the date of manufacture, and in case of food packages, the best before date and, of course, the maximum retail price (MRP).

maximum retail price means such price at which the product shall be sold in retail and such price shall include all taxes levied on the product.

In India it is mandatory, compulsory for the manufactures to print the cost of maximum retail price on packaging of goods so that consumer could not get overcharged by the agents, dealers or shopkeepers or malls.

Because of MRP we get saved get protection from cheating it becomes difficult for the Shopkeeper to charge more for the water bottle or any other packaged item.

The maximum retail price is inclusive of all taxes and a retailer can sell at a price below the MRP. consumers should always look for retailers or shopkeepers or Malls who sell below the MRP because the MRP is the maximum retail price allowed for that commodity and not the actual price and a retailer can well reduce his margin built into the MRP

In India, the Legal Metrology Act governed by the consumer affairs departments stipulates that products sold through a single brand retail store must bear a price tag.

Local Shop or Single Retailer or Global Retailer it does not matter MRP is very important for consumers and Indian citizens.

Let us hope Opposition parties will see that Government does not remove the clause of MRP.

MRP price means its national pride, Mentioning MRP shows and proves one is a national he loves his nation.

Against MRP means that company or person is anti-national

Just few days back I went to buy the Yeast in local shop MRP was Rs. 50 but he said this is a  rare product Pay Rs. 60 then I decided not to buy that product MRP saved me from getting cheated
Never ever pay more than MRP
No one is going to die if Does not drink water for 1 hour

I hope what Media reported regarding MRP just remains a news and does not become reality.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

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rudraprayaga March 22, 2017  

I don't think it may happen because it will not be cosumer_friendly.Many scandals from the rival group flash to degrade their rivals.Thank for the info.