03 February 2017

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Watch Full Movie Kung Fu vs Yoga

Watch Full Movie Kung Fu vs Yoga
Movie – Kung Fu vs Yoga or Lao shu la gui
Release Year – 1979
Actors -  Yuet Sang Chin, Alan Chung San Chui, Chuan Chen, Kwai Shan, Paul Chang
VHS Release Date - March 2, 1999
DVD Release Date - August 17, 2004
Run Time - 89 minutes

About Movie story – Comedy Kung Fu movie

Story Plot –
A young man enters a kung fu contest as he wins the contest he gets right to wed beautiful daughter of wealthy man but she refuses to marry so her father puts 3 conditions before future son in law tells him gather 3 objects for him
1-a secret shaolin book from monk
2-visit a brothel and steal a jade from a lady boy there,
3-steal a ruby from a deadly yoga master
Fight with Yoga master is interesting

Jackie Chan movie Kung fu Yoga is not inspired or copied from this movie .
Kung Fu vs Yoga is totally different movie.

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