26 February 2017

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Movie Review Rangoon a Different Love story

Movie Review Rangoon a Different Love story

Movie – Rangoon
Release Date – February 24, 2017
Actors – Kangana Ranaut, Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor
Running time - 167 minutes
Country - India
Language -Hindi
Budget – Rs.80 Crore

Cast –
Saif Ali Khan as Rustom "Rusi" Billimoria
Shahid Kapoor as Jamadar Nawab Malik
Kangana Ranaut as Miss Julia

Story Plot –
Rangoon is a romantic war drama love story.
Ek Phool Do Mali with a twist

Rangoon movie is a love story between Miss Julia, Nawab Malik and Rusi.
Rangoon tells for what one will sacrifice his life, the motherland.
Rangoon is set in 1943, world war II when British were fighting with Germany and Japan
And on the other side Indian national congress Gandhi and INS Subhash Chandra Bose were fighting for the Independence of India.

Julia is a famous actress in beginning she loves Rusi the director, producer owner of a film studio. When Julia was 14 years old Rusi sees her on a street and he frees her by buying her with payment of Rs.1000.  In beginning Julia loves Rusi.
As Julia is a popular actress British Official requests Rusi to send Julia to entertain Army men.
1ST Russi says no but later agrees.
Nawab Malik gets the duty to protect Julia.
While they are travelling, Japanese forces attack them and they both get lost in Jungle and fall in love.They came back to British camp.
Nawab Malik is the captain of INS, the Bose army his real assignment is to get the royal sword and deliver it to the INS so they can sell it and buy arms for INS force.In End the sword reaches to INS.

Tell me a secret, Nawab asks Julia, whose real name is Jwala. I am “acchut”, Dalit, she replies.

Russi calls Julia Kiddo

In beginning movie gets ok star, then gets average star as story moves  on movie becomes good and when end comes movie becomes Best.

The movie would have become 5 star without songs.
Theme Music with one song is enough

The songs are good but not classic one can enjoy the song just once.
Classis songs are or theme is one which one can enjoy billions of times day and night.
Example – Aawara Hoon or Game of thrones Theme Music or Rocky Theme Music.

Star Rating – 4 stars out of 5

1 star = ok
2 star = average
3 star = good
4star = best
5 star = excellent

Rangoon may become part of the top ten movies of 2017

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