29 January 2017

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Windows 10 Build 15019 Solution to Update and Audio Problem solved

Windows 10 Build 15019 Solution to Update and Audio Problem solved

How to get Windows 10 build 15019?
How to solve audio problem in windows 10 build 15019?

On January 27, 2017 Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 15019 for fast ring Insiders but many were unable to download it.
Even I was unable to download Windows 10 insider build 15019 now for me problem is solved and after successful installation of windows 10 build 15019 I found audio is not working now I solved the audio problem also and windows 10 is working fine

Below is the solution it may help you to update latest windows 10 insider build 150019 and solve audio problem.

Question 1 –
Not able to download Windows 10 Build 15019
It may show the error code like this Error code: (0x80246007)
Windows just shows it is downloading download is in progress with 0% but in actual nothing happens it just keeps showing windows is downloading
You may see an error such as 0xC1900401, or a note that the build is not yet available for your device Your PC scans and finds Build 15019, but it appears to hang on “Initializing…” and doesn’t appear to begin downloading the build.

Below is the solution Answer to update windows 10 Build 15019
Click the Start button
Type services and launch the Services panel
Scroll to Windows Update
Right-click and select Stop
Restart your PC
Re-check for updates
The update should proceed as expected

Windows Update Service Photo –

After restarting PC if you find that update is not working then you will need to stop the following service.

Click the Start button
Type services and launch the Services panel
find Delivery Optimization service - stop service or choose option manual
Delivery Optimization service – find the service and choose option manual if you do not find option to stop the service. Right click service and choose option manual.

Then again repeat step 1 that is stop windows update again and restart the PC
And try to update windows and it will work

Delivery Optimization Service –

Problem 2 – 

Audio is not working in windows 10 Build 15019
Answer Solution – 

Open File Explorer
Navigate to this folder: c:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Spectrum
Select the "PersistedSpatialAnchors" folder and click Delete
Reboot the PC

After above solution audio, will start to work still if you find that audio is not working
Then click on the sound icon which you see near the clock right hand side.
Open Playback Devices – click on Playback Device
Disable HDMI audio, Disable Realtek Digital Audio
See that Speakers Realtek High Definition Audio is enabled as Default.

Sound Adjustment Photo Playback Device –

Reality views by sm –

Sunday, January 29, 2017

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