01 January 2017

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Exclusive Analysis of PM Narendra Modi Speech given on eve of new year 2017

Exclusive Analysis of PM Narendra Modi Speech given on eve of new year 2017

Indian citizens were waiting for the speech hoping that PM Modi will launch 2nd surgical strike on black Money and He will give the information regarding last 50 days nothing happened.
Everyone got disappointed.

PM Narendra Modi gave excellent speech avoiding all the important questions.
Only good point in the speech was regarding the interest rate on the fix deposits kept by the senior citizens in the banks.

This speech was not related with the note ban and its effect and advantages. the address speech was a mini budget presented by the PM Narendra Modi.

Whatever may be the result of Note Ban but we Indian citizens must appreciate PM Modi for showing courage and Let us hope PM Modi will attack on gold, land, flats, farm Houses, PNotes, Offshore Banks where 99% Black money is kept by corrupt Indian citizens.
100% Indians supported Narendra Modi and Now Hope that PM Narendra Modi will strike so hard on the corrupt people that they will commit suicide not the farmers or common Indian citizens. Not a surgical strike Indians want Nuclear war attack on Indian corrupt citizens which will eliminate them from India. One should pee in his pants even if thought of taking bribe comes into one’s mind. PM Modi needs to bring a clear law which will say that No Indian citizen, no company, No Foreign Citizen is allowed to keep the More than Rs. 15 Lakh in his office or home in cash otherwise he will go to jail for minimum 75 years without parole whatever may be the reason Not allowed to keep the cash, go to jail learn to use banking facilities.

Good Move - The Government has decided, that 3 crore farmers who have Kisan Credit Cards, will be given RuPay debit cards within three months.

Good Move - Banks often reduce their deposit rates, when they receive a large volume of money. This should not adversely impact senior citizens. Under the scheme, senior citizens will receive a fixed interest rate of 8 per cent for a period of 10 years, on deposits upto 7.5 lakh rupees. The interest will be paid monthly.

PM Narendra Modi spoke about simultaneous elections polls, advocated simultaneous conduct of state and national elections. One cannot answer this question or talk about this topic without deep reading the history and understanding the topic.

PM Modi spoke about Political Parties and Corruption but No political party is ready to come under Right to Information Act. PM Modi, BJP still has not appointed Lok Pal.
Indian political parties are not ready to implement Police Reforms suggested by the Honorable Supreme Court of India. Indian Political parties are not ready to give freedom to CBI.

More than 100 Indian citizens died because of note ban PM Narendra Modi did not spoke about that.

OK Move - Because of Note Ban farmers suffered lot but they got little it’s like they got nothing.
Government will pay 2 months’ interest on their loans it is not sufficient minimum it should be for next 12 months.

OK Move Not Much effect –
Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the government would give the rebate of three and four percent on interest rates to the people who seek loans to build their houses in 2017. "To make the people of the middle class and the poor to buy or build their homes, the government has brought to schemes under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana," Modi said in his address to the nation on New Year's Eve. He said a concession of four per cent will be given to those take a loan of up to Rs 9 lakh and three percent on Rs 12 lakh. PM Modi also said that those who want to modify their building or houses, would get three per cent concession on loan of upto Rs 2 lakh.

PM Modi said only 24 lakh people claim that their salary is over Rs 10 lakh per annum.
Income tax department can easily find the true figures if they want.

OK Move - a nation-wide scheme for financial assistance to pregnant women. 6000 rupees will be transferred directly to the bank accounts of pregnant women who undergo institutional delivery and vaccinate their children.
Pregnant females will get Rs. 6000, its nothing it should be minimum Rs. 25,000 only for 1 or 2 pregnancies not for more than 2. India needs to adopt formula Hum do Hamara Ek Ya Do Nahi Toh Bhul Jao Sarkar Ki Madat

PM Modi did not give the answers to following questions?
1-How much old currency is back?
2-How much new currency is released, given to banks, which banks, which state, which city how much currency was provided given by RBI?

Overall Speech was a Mini Budget distributing sweets to Indian citizens.

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

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Destination Infinity January 01, 2017  

Public is going to be very disappointed if they keep finding large queues in front of ATMs, like how I found even today.

Destination Infinity

HindIndia January 02, 2017  

Wish you and all readers a very hApPy and prosperous nEw yEaR ... nice post ... Thanks for this!! :) :)

rudraprayaga January 03, 2017  

Anything done to evade corruption should be welcomed.At the same time currencies of small denominations like 200/400 etc may be minted to ease the situation.2000 is like an unpealed coconut with a crow.

Certain aspects of his speech is useful and certain expected aspects went untouched.

People if do withdrawals only per need as earlier,their impediments will be lightened.Now all are paicky,so they run to the banks. Earlier also big amount could not be withdrawn without prior permission

Thank you for the info.