15 January 2017

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BJP Minister Slowly Mahatma Gandhi Photo will get removed from Bank Notes

BJP Minister Slowly Mahatma Gandhi Photo will get removed from Bank Notes

A five-time MLA from Ambala cantonment Anil Vij is the health and sports minister in BJP-ruled Haryana.

Haryana minister Anil Vij said on Saturday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a better brand name than Mahatma Gandhi amid a raging controversy over Modi’s photograph replacing that of the father of the nation in the 2017 calendar published by the Khadi Village Industries Commission (KVIC). Adding to this BJP Minister told to media that Gandhi’s picture would soon be removed from bank notes.

Haryana BJP Minister told to media following –
It’s good that Modi’s photo replaced that of Gandhi’s in the calendar. Modi is a better brand name,”
In Hindi - Jab se Khadi ke saath Gandhi ka naam juda hai, khadi uth hi nahi saki. Khadi doob gayi
Translated in English - From the time Gandhi’s name has been associated with Khadi, the industry has never been able to stand up. Khadi has sunk.

In Hindi - Gandhi ka aisa naam hai ki jis din se note pe chhapi hai tasveer us din se note ki devaluation ho gayi Hat jayenge dheere dheere
Translated in English - Gandhi’s name is such that from the day his photo started appearing on currency notes, the note has devalued Gandhi’s picture will disappear from currency eventually

Vij is the 5 time MLA and opposition parties need to take him serioulsely He is not knew to politics, this is the just hint given by him BJP said that its his personal view
This is the style of BJP politics.

In another incident on Saturday RJD president Lalu Yadav told to media that It is very unfortunate that the picture of Mahatma Gandhi has been replaced with that of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the Khadi Udyog's calendar. Modi cannot be even an iota of his (Mahatma's) personality. I strongly condemn the incident which is an insult to the Father of The Nation,"
Stating that the act of replacing Mahatma's picture with that of PM Modi's on calendar has made a case of "sedition", Lalu said that people must protest as it insulted Mahatma Gandhi.

"Hey Ram! Total insult to the Father of Nation by PM...RSS gang killed Gandhi Ji & now hell bent on usurping and killing his ideology & thoughts," Lalu had tweeted earlier.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

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rudraprayaga January 16, 2017  

People go crazy over their position. Congress's leading family has grabbed M.K.Gandhi's surname and BJP grabs his place. Both don't sense good.