22 December 2016

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Watch Full Speech of Congress VP Rahul Gandhi at Mehsana

Watch Full Speech of Congress VP Rahul Gandhi at Mehsana

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi gave solid answer to PM Modi Speech which he gave in Varanasi and ridiculed Rahul Gandhi.
Responding to Modi’s jibe at him at his Varanasi rally, Rahul Gandhi said:
I’m not posing this question to you, the youth and poor of the country have posed this question. You can make fun of me all you want, but you should answer my questions.
I have told you that 94 percent black money is in the form of gold, foreign accounts and real estate.

At a rally in Mehsana, RG accused the Prime Minister of taking money from the Sahara and Birla groups when he was the Gujarat Chief Minister.

Rahul Gandhi in his speech said that Modi ji cannot bring back money taken as loans by 1% rich people and hence he is using money of poor to waive of this bad debt. When Switzerland government has given you the list of names of people having black money deposited in Swiss bank, why are you not disclosing their name in Parliament.”

 “The BJP ruled government in MP, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh is snatching the land of tribals. And when somebody stand for his right, they are being shot,” said Gandhi.  “You kill Dalit here in Gujarat, they live in fear,” Gandhi added.

 Rahul Gandhi said said that PM Modi’s aim is to keep money of the poor in banks for at least 6-7 months so that he can waive off rich people’s loans. “When a farmer or middle class people take loans from banks and are unable to pay they are put behind bars but when the same is done by rich, they are not called ‘chor’ but are called defaulters,” 

Rahul Gandhi in his tweet asked “Modiji first tell us what the 10 packets from Sahara contained,”

Watch the Full Speech of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi at Mehsana

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

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