30 December 2016

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Rahul Gandhi Dares PM Modi asks 5 questions and demands 5 actions

Rahul Gandhi Dares PM Modi asks 5 questions and demands 5 actions
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has asked the five questions to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on demonetization.

Below is the list of 5 questions

Rahul tweeted the questions saying "India is waiting for your answers Modiji

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi sought a white paper on demonetization, posed five questions and put forth an equal number of demands to the government.

Following are the questions posed by him at a press conference:

1- How much black money has been unearthed since November 8, 2016?

2-What is the economic loss to the nation? How many jobs and livelihoods have been lost since the announcement?

3-How many lives have been lost due to demonetization? Why has the government not paid any compensation to the families of the deceased?

4- What was the process of consultation and preparedness followed prior to the implementation? Why were experts, economists or the RBI not consulted prior to the announcement?

5- Will the government place the names of all persons and entities that deposited Rs. 25 lakh or more in bank accounts in the six months preceding November 8?

Following are the demands made by Rahul Gandhi in the interest of Indian citizens.

1-All restrictions on withdrawal of money should be removed with immediate effect.

2- The rate of rations under the PDS should be halved for the period of a year.

3- Rs. 25,000 should be deposited in the account of at least one woman in each BPL family.

4- Number of guaranteed workdays and the wage rate under MGNREGA should be doubled for a year.

5- Small shopkeepers and traders should get income tax and sales tax rebate of 50 per cent.

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Friday, December 30, 2016

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HindIndia December 30, 2016  

As usual nice post .... Thanks for this!! :)

Renu December 30, 2016  

Rahul Gandhi and his questions..where was he when his govt. was doing scam after scam?

Destination Infinity January 01, 2017  

This is a good chance for Rahul to get into the limelight and revive the party. I am sure Congress will do much better in the next elections, esp. if the current situation persists.

Destination Infinity