14 November 2016

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Reason to Ban Rs.2000 Notes Fake Rs.2000 Notes Already in Market

Reason to Ban Rs.2000 Notes Fake Rs.2000 Notes Already in Market

With passage of time it became impossible to detect fake currency notes of Rs.500 and Rs. 1000
Because of this reason BJP Government banned those notes and brought New Currency Notes of Rs.500, Rs.2000 and Rs.1000.

But in just two days Fake Currency Notes of Rs.2000 came to Indian Market.

Now if BJP government does not ban the Notes of Rs.2000, then after few years it will became impossible to detect the currency notes of Rs.2000 also.

As per Media reports police in Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka have registered a case of cheating against unknown persons for allegedly using a color photocopy of the new note.
Police said one of the workers at Ashok’s stall accepted a Rs 2,000 note from a man who made purchases worth Rs 1,700. The suspect, so far unidentified, allegedly handed over the note and said he would collect the balance later. Later when vegetable vendor started to count money he realized that Rs.2000 note is fake.
Police told to media that “It was a photocopy of the original note... anybody can notice it easily,”

Today Note was a color copy, but as days will pass by people will become intelligent and same way criminals will also improve their technology and it will become impossible to detect fake Rs.2000 note.

What is purpose of Big Value Currency Notes?
Only one Purpose and intention is to increase Black Money

Any government who brings big value currency notes then as a common citizen we must understand Government is not serious about Black Money but government wants to increase the black money, Big Value Notes is a tonic booster for the corrupt people to accumulate more money in a small wallet.

Government Banned Notes What happened?
Only lower class and middle class is suffering the people who got the black money they are not standing in front of any bank. They are busy converting their black money into white money by buying gold, diamonds, properties. Paying taxes and government is just increasing the limit of days.

Opposition Parties and Everyone needs to demand Ban the Currency Note of Rs.2000 as it will help only criminals and people who create and accumulate black money.

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Monday, November 14, 2016

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