13 September 2016

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Restaurant Mocambo Drivers not allowed to eat in Restaurant

Restaurant Mocambo Drivers not allowed to eat in Restaurant
Kolkata – Calcutta
Restaurant – Mocambo
Location Address -  Park Street, Park Street Area, Kolkata

Mocambo is the name of famous villain from the movie Mr. India
Now in real life Restaurant Mocambo has shown their evil thinking by refusing common car driver entry into restaurant

Mocambo was a well-known restaurant in past now on it will be known as Racist Mocambo Restaurant.

On Saturday evening, a woman visited this restaurant but was denied entry because she was there with her driver, who apparently wasn’t good enough for the restaurant’s standards.

Dilashi Hemnani, who was on a work trip to Kolkata, after the restaurant discriminated against her driver, solely on the way he was dressed.

According to her, Friday was her last day in Kolkata and as a token of thanks to her driver ‘Manish bhaiya’ she decided to go to the iconic eatery – Mocambo.

At first, when she approached the staff, she was asked to wait for 15 minutes. A little later, she was told that it would take at least 45 minutes to clear the table.

Hemnani and Manish kept waiting, only to be told much later that they will not be given a table.

As they kept waiting, they realised that other people were being given tables.

When asked why, first there were excuses and then the shockers, she wrote.

“Madam, he is not properly dressed,” a Mocambo staff allegedly told Hemnani. Some argument over dress codes later, another allegedly said, “He is drunk”. She said, “Racist.”

The arguments yielded no fruit; the staff told her that there was no dress code, but they don’t allow ‘roadside people’ to enter the restaurant.

Hemnani at the end of the post wrote, “To Mocambo staff and restaurant at Park Street Kolkata, which doesn’t consider humans as humans and differentiates, discriminates and stratifies them into classes just because he doesn’t fit into your description of a perfect customer, I’m sorry you don’t deserve a fine human like Manish bhaiya sitting and eating in your racist restaurant.”

Now on think after reading all this do you want to eat or visit the Restaurant Mocambo
Whom do you support Racism or Common Indian citizens, as majority are poor and common Roadside people.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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JAMSHED AZMI September 13, 2016  

Very Interesting article here. Bahut hi achchha lika hea aapne. Iska asar dekhne ko milna chahiye.

Renu September 15, 2016  

its very sad to see people being so mean..even the way africans are treated in Delhi.i feel so ashamed .

Mithu September 16, 2016  

Humanity is still a question to many like Mocambo. Stop going to their restaurant those who find them racist. I support the Common Indian citizens, as majority are poor and common Roadside people.