26 August 2016

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WhatsApp to share phone number with Facebook

WhatsApp to share phone number with Facebook

WhatsApp hit the one billion user mark at the beginning of this year
Facebook purchased the instant message service in 2014

WhatsApp announced in a blog post Thursday that it will begin to share phone numbers and other data on the activity of its one billion users with its parent company Facebook

This move will help Facebook improve its friend suggestions and the ads it shows users with the additional data.

The service will give users a chance to opt out of the sharing arrangement before agreeing to the news terms and privacy policy, and another 30 days to opt out after agreeing to it.

"Facebook and the other companies in the Facebook family also may use information from us to improve your experiences within their services such as making product suggestions (for example, of friends or connections, or of interesting content) and showing relevant offers and ads," WhatsApp explained in its updated terms and privacy policy.

WhatsApp says that nobody reads the WhatsApp messages of users as they are encrypted end to end.

Company will not allow third-party banner ads on WhatsApp.

Company will see that WhatsApp users and companies will be able to talk with each other or be in touch with each other through order, transaction, and appointment information, delivery and shipping notifications, product and service updates, and marketing. For example, you may receive flight status information for upcoming travel, a receipt for something you purchased, or a notification when a delivery will be made. Messages you may receive containing marketing could include an offer for something that might interest you.

In blog post WhatsApp said following,” If you are an existing user, you can choose not to have your WhatsApp account information shared with Facebook to improve your Facebook ads and products experiences. Existing users who accept our updated Terms and Privacy Policy will have an additional 30 days to make this choice by going to Settings > Account.

This is the just beginning in future be sure that WhatsApp will share 100% information with Facebook

If one likes privacy one must think about and say Goodbye to social media or limit the use of social media.

Social media companies are not here to provide free services they need to make money that is there right.

As a consumer one must think how much to use the social media apps.

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Friday, August 26, 2016

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