06 August 2016

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President Obamas Daughter Sasha starts working in restaurant

 Sasha Obama Summer Job – Serving Food the Daughter of U.S. President Barack Obama

The 15-year-old youngest daughter of President Barack Obama is working at Nancy's, a spot popular with her family, in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts where she cleans tables, operates the cash register, and serves at the takeout window.

Telegraph reported According to fellow workers the First Daughter, who wears a uniform of Nancy's T-shirt and baseball cap, is going by her full name Natasha.

Sasha has been seen delivering takeout drinks to her Secret Service agents.

The Obamas reportedly are friends with Nancy’s owner Joe Moujabber, which is how Sasha scored her summer gig.
The Obamas’ youngest daughter has been working an early four-hour shift at the busy, 350-seat restaurant.

Boston Herold reported that The White House declined to comment on the summer gig
Sasha and her older sister Malia, will attend Harvard University in 2017 after taking a “gap year,”

Photos Sasha Obama working in restaurant

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

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Destination Infinity August 06, 2016  

What a great example set by the first daughter. It is through these activities that young people can learn more about people and life, and they know it. In India, rich kids are pampered and spoilt to a great extent - generally. I hope we take some inspiration from them.

Destination Infinity

rudraprayaga August 08, 2016  

Yes, they are also human beings with flesh and bones.But in india no one can think of that.