12 August 2016

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NDTV The Lies of Subramanian Swamy

NDTV The Lies of Subramanian Swamy

Now that Raghuram Rajan is departing and Arvind Subramanian has been declared off-limits, Dr Swamy, after being rebuked by the Prime Minister, has been deprived of his oxygen of publicity.

So, out he comes with a new set of lies - and this time Dr Swamy is lying about NDTV.

Like his mentor, Herr Goebbels, he believes that if he repeats his lies enough, they will turn into truth.

It is shameful that a nominated member of the Rajya Sabha behaves with such callous disregard for the truth.

Swamy Lie No 1

It is a blatant lie to say that there was any "money laundering" by NDTV - the very idea is ridiculous. Astro invested $40 million for 49% in NDTV's lifestyle business in 2010. This was bona fide FDI made after getting FIPB (Foreign Investment Promotion Board) and MIB (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting) permissions of the sort that is actively encouraged by the current government. Astro still holds the shares. It was disclosed to all authorities and to the stock exchanges. There is no question of any "money laundering". Nor has the Enforcement Directorate ever made such an allegation to NDTV.

Swamy Lie No 2

The Enforcement Directorate has NOT slapped any fine of Rs. 2030 crores on NDTV. This is completely false.

Swamy Lie No 3

Most of the people named as "directors" of NDTV Networks Plc were NOT directors. Another lie.

Swamy Lie No 4

Fuse Media is NOT an NDTV company. Nor has it ever been. Yet another lie. It belongs to a very well respected Private Equity investor who is still an investor in NDTV Networks as well as in other Indian media companies.

Swamy Lie No 5

Astro's investment in NDTV Lifestyle was examined by the Tax Department which passed a "clean order", thereby accepting the investment as genuine. Another blatant Swamy lie.

Swamy Lie No 6

NDTV Networks Plc was a genuine company. All investments in it were genuine investments after taking requisite approvals including from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board or FIPB.

Swamy Lie No 7

The 2G court ruled in favour of NDTV, dismissed all the accusations and slapped a fine on the dishonest litigant who made these false accusations against NDTV in court. Another Swamy lie.

In short, just about every paragraph in Dr Swamy's letter is wrong, and can be proved to be wrong.

Source – NDTV Press Release

Friday, August 12, 2016

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rudraprayaga August 15, 2016  

People are after cooking false stories about their rivals.We don't know who is right and who not.Nice info.