20 July 2016

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Republican Party nominates Donald Trump for President

Republican Party nominates Donald Trump for President

The Republican Party formally nominates Donald Trump for president.

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions opened the nominating process with an enthusiastic endorsement of Trump, declaring him "a warrior and a winner."

Crossing the threshold of 1,237 votes, Trump officially became the Republican party’s nominee for president.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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Kirtivasan Ganesan July 28, 2016  

USA is a great country. New York is so big and large.
I am an Indian. But I get guidance from American thoughts. "Do not ask what the country has done for you . Ask what you have done for the country."
India fails because of accounting. "Quality is free", Crosby said. Foreigners cannot ask for money. Indians cannot give money. (A psychology thing). And accounting goes for a toss . . .
Sir Vivian Richards, past cricket player is worried about the world. He hopes the world leadership does something about the violence and fear.
We hope Donald Trump will do something about it.