30 July 2016

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Dr. Zakir Naik gives Rs.500 Crore Defamation Notice to Arnab Goswami

Dr. Zakir Naik gives Rs.500 Crore Defamation Notice to Arnab Goswami

Islamic Scholar Dr. Zakir Naik has issued a defamation notice to anchor Arnab Goswami and other executives of the Times Now news channel, seeking Rs 500 crore as compensation for damage to his reputation.

The notice claims that the channel telecast made several reckless and callous remarks without verifying facts and without any cogent evidence in support.

The notice, dated July 16, issued by Naik's advocate Mubin Solkar, alleges that Goswami, in his show "News hour Debate" telecast on several dates earlier this month, made "false and defamatory statements" against the preacher and, in the process, "tarnished and damaged" his reputation in the eyes of the general public.

Zakir Naik's notice mentions Arnab's quotes. Some of them are:

1. "He is not a scholar, No, No, No, he is not a scholar, no, no one second, he is not a scholar, he is not a scholar. He is Mr. Money bags. He makes lots of money. He makes some lot of money spreading hate."

2. "... He is not a scholar, he is a supporter of Osama bin Laden, he used the medium of television to build the case for Osama bin Laden."

3. "... Zakir Naik is so dangerous, he is so dangerous, because he uses the television media."

4. "... He is using the garb of Quran to defend violence, the ISIS has carried out the attack in Dhaka and this man is defending Osama bin Laden and building a case for them."

5. "... He is an agent of terror."

Dr. Zakir Naik further claimed that the news channel has not just verified any facts and went onto defame and maligne him.

He alleged that it also hurt his religious sentiments and those of the Muslim community which "holds him in high esteem". Besides the defamation notice, Naik has sought unconditional apology from Goswami and Times Now and asked the channel to withdraw statements made against him.

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Saturday, July 30, 2016

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