20 July 2016

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Babri Mosque Demolition Oldest Litigant Hashim Ansari Dies

Babri Mosque Demolition Oldest Litigant Hashim Ansari Dies

Hashim Ansari (95) the oldest litigant in the Babri Masjid case, died early on Wednesday morning due to heart-related complications.

Ansari passed away in the wee hours at around 5 a.m. at his house in the temple city of Ayodhya, not too far away from the disputed site.

He was suffering from heart ailment from a long time and was living with a pacemaker.

Ansari has been associated with the Babri Masjid case since 1949, being among the persons arrested for breaching public peace after the episode in which idols of Lord Ram were planted in the mosque.

In 1952, he was sentenced to two years in jail by a Faizabad court for giving the azaam (call for namaz) in the disputed mosque.

In 1961, he along with six others, became the main plaintiff in the ‘Ayodhya title suit’ filed by the Sunni Central Waqf Board in the court of Faizabad civil judge. He was the lone surviving litigant and considered the main voice from the Muslim side.

He was one of the last persons to have personal knowledge of the Babri issue. He was well-versed in the issue

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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